The 8 most heartbreaking, first world food problems ever.

Oh the humanity!

This week, a ‘concerned eight-year-old citizen’ named Peter penned a blistering letter to First Lady Michelle Obama informing her that one tomato sauce sachet is not enough for his school lunch. And we are 100% behind him.

It’s an eternal dilemma- there is never enough sauce in one sachet for an entire sausage roll or pie. And THEN the shopkeepers have the audacity to charge you extra if you ask for more sauce.

But the food-related trauma doesn’t end with tomato sauce. We’ve collected eight of the most heartbreaking food struggles some poor souls face every single day.

DISCLAIMER: #FirstWorldProblems.

1. Zooper Dooper inflicted mouth cuts.

It’s not a real Aussie summer without Zooper Doopers and it’s not a real Zooper Dooper experience without lip lacerations.

2. The choice between an empty stomach or a burnt mouth.

When you are so starving you cannot wait for your food to cool down and that first regretful bite burns your entire mouth, ruining the rest of the meal.

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3. Waiting for avocados to become ripe.

Oh how they taunt us. A whole week of rock solidness, 39 minutes of delicious ripeness and then next second- a brown, inedible mush.

4. Only being given one little soy sauce fish with your sushi. But not realising until you’ve walked away.


Half a teaspoon of soy sauce for a whole sushi roll? Nope. Nope, nopity, nope nope.

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5. The first pancake.

It doesn’t matter how much you grease the pan or how perfectly you pour the batter, the first pancake ALWAYS fails.

6. Opening cartons.

All you want is a chocolate milk but there is just one layer of stupid, splitting cardboard stopping you.

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7. Surprise fruit bruises.

There is nothing quite like the disappointment of like biting into an apple right on a big, fat bruise. There is no going back after that foul taste.

8. One bite of a hard shell taco and it explodes into a million corn-chip pieces.


The struggle is real.