Australian Ninja Warrior just witnessed a groundbreaking record.

It took six seasons of American Ninja Warrior before a woman successfully scaled the dreaded warped wall.

But tonight, Aussie contestant Andrea Hah smashed it in our very first.

Andrea stares down the wall. Image: Channel 9.

After pausing to wipe her shoes, take a deep breath and focus on the 4.2 metre-high ledge looming in front of her, the exercise physiologist launched herself at the formidable slope.

“My plan was to attack the wall as explosively and aggressively as possible,” Hah, a former gymnast, told Confidential. “I didn’t want to over complicate it, I just needed to be faster before fatigue set in.”

Andrea launches herself up the warped wall. Image: Channel 9.

It took just three steps up the face before she managed to cling to the top and haul herself into the Channel 9 program's record books.

"Hang on a minute," yelled host Ben Fordham. "She's done it! She's done it! I don't believe it!"

As the crowd erupted so did social media.

Sadly, Andrea didn't complete her entire run. As she approached the finish her foot dipped into the water, meaning instant disqualification.

But never mind that. Because did we mention she scaled the wall?

Ben Fordham and The Binge talk Ninja Warrior.

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