Lara Bingle's mum is in such deep trouble.

She was just trying to do the right thing…

Lara Bingle’s mum, Sharon, did what every new mum wishes grandma would do.

She gave the new parents a much needed break from little Rocket.

But then things went terribly terrible wrong.

Rocket Zot Worthington went for a walk with his grandmother while mum and dad (Sam Worthington) went to a local cafe in Santa Monica.

Sharon did the right thing, she made sure to cover little Rocket from the sun (and paparazzis) by covering the pram with a white blanket.

Problem is that blanket slipped. And slipped. And slipped.

Lara Bingle uploaded this pic this week. We're not sure if it's pre-baby or post-baby.

And the paps got the shot they've been desperately trying to get since Rocket was born three weeks ago at the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

Daily Mail have published the photos of Rocket calling them the first photo of the little guy.

All we can say is we feel terrible for Sharon. She is in so much trouble with the very private Sam and Lara when they get home.

Lara and Sam. Image via Getty.

To see the image, check it out on Daily Mail.

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