What it's really like to save your first kiss until your wedding day.

In a softly lit courtyard, in a delicately sculpted gown, Maggie took her final steps towards her boyfriend of five years.

Today they would share not just their wedding with friends and family but also their first kiss.

US couple Maggie and Andrew Barragan met five years ago but decided they would wait until marriage before sharing even the most classic form of romantic gestures.

The idea of not kissing your partner until the wedding may seem a bit extreme. In fact, there’s a small, loud cynical voice inside me that whispers as I watch their video: What if they can’t kiss? What if they pull back to find my chin dripping? What if only one does tongue and it’s like trying to pry open a vault with a wet sponge?

But the longer I watch and the more I read about their relationship, the quieter that voice becomes.

One of my favorite pictures. ????He had no idea!???? #drewandmaggie #thebarragans

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Andrew proposed while the two were on holiday in New York. Maggie announced the news to her friends and family over Instagram with the kind of photo you’re always trying to do with your partner but they give you a face like this: :/

The couple have continued to celebrate and share their life together through social media.

Let’s hope all their firsts were as sweet.