Some well-known parents on their first experience with alcohol and why it’s different for kids these days.

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And it all came down to peer pressure.

What is it about our culture that encourages bad attitudes to alcohol, like binge drinking? How young does it start? And now, so many years on has it gotten worse with platforms like Instagram and Facebook forever immortalising our drunken antics?

Recently the Mamamia Women’s Network asked media personalities and parents Andrew Daddo, Andrew Rochford, Brigitte Duclos and Bern Morley to share their (very) embarrassing first experiences with alcohol.

In the words of Andrew Daddo, “It was mind numbingly dumb now that I look back – but at the time it seemed mind bending-ly smart.”

While reliving these experiences might be painful, it certainly seems to put a lot into perspective. After all, how much has really changed?

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