The discussion about splitting the bill that ended a relationship before it even began.

For a few years now, First Dates Australia has gifted us a glorious insight into the most awkward and unbelievable first dates.

We’ve seen everything, from asking invasive questions about their dates sex life to people straight up forgetting their dates name.

But this date, may be the most awkward (and equally entertaining) first date we’ve ever seen on reality TV.

(Warning: You may die a little inside, it’s just that awkward).

As Libby and Mark came to the end of their meals, her date began discussing how the pair would be splitting their bill.

“Do you want to do like a split with your drinks and stuff,” Libby’s date asked her.

“Okay… that’s interesting,” the pair’s waitress said.

But it quickly became clear that not only did he not want to pay for his date’s share, he might not be able to pay for his own either.

“Oh, where’s my wallet,” he said as 29-year-old Libby and the waitress exchanged a look.

“This is a bit embarrassing isn’t it?” the waitress asked Libby’s date.

“For who – for me or for you?” he replied.

Oh, sweet baby Jesus.

“I think it might have been a ploy for him to get me to pay for him,” Libby later told the cameras.

But rather than stepping in and paying for his half too, Libby waited at the table as Nick handed over his phone as collateral to the waitress while he went outside to find his wallet.

You go, girl.

Let’s just say we don’t think there will be a second date after this.

You can watch the entire awkward exchange below:

What do you think? Who should pay for the first date?