Sarah fell and injured herself on the side of a mountain. Then her date abandoned her. 

First dates are always a lil’ bit awkward.

But this one was also, erm, life threatening and newsworthy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

You see, on Friday a Queensland woman named Sarah Wylie went on a first date.

Sarah and her date decided to hike up Mount Tibrogargan, a notoriously dangerous part of Queensland’s Glass House Mountains.

As far as first dates go, it was all running smoothly.


On her way back down the mountain, Sarah slipped on a loose rock. Her reflexes kicked in and she reached for a nearby tree. But instead of grabbing hold of a smooth surface, Sarah’s hand hit a sharp stump, causing a huge gash.

Thankfully, a bunch of off-duty firefighters were right behind the 23-year-old and her date, and they quickly came to her rescue.

Then… her date abandoned her.

Yep, the man who thought it was a great idea to hike up a mountain on a first date, did a runner.

While the firefighters abseiled Sarah down the mountain to safety, her date told her he had to leave so he could get to work on time.

“The three firefighters with me took charge of the situation and knew exactly what needed to happen,” Brian Coulter, an ecologist who was with the firefighters, told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

“She told us she was actually on a first date and that he was the one that had decided to take her up the mountain. But apparently he was running late for work so he left her there while we attended to her injuries.”

Sarah later told, they made a mutual decision to hike up the mountain.

“It was just two people catching up and hanging out and he’s checked up on me and made sure I’m OK,” she said.

Sarah is yet to confirm whether there will be a second date.