The first cover of Charlie Hebdo since the terror attack has just been unveiled.

Warning: This post contains an image that some may find offensive.

Charlie Hebdo has unveiled its first cover since the terror attack on its offices on Wednesday last week — and it features an image of Prophet Mohammed crying and holding a sign that reads “I am Charlie” in French.

The headline splashed across the page of the bright green cover reads “Toute est pardonne” (“All is forgiven”).

The attack on the offices of the satirical magazine left 12 people dead, including eight editorial staffers and two other members of staff.

Two policemen were also killed in the attack, which was perpetrated by three gunmen.

The surviving members of the magazine prepared the edition in the offices of French newspaper Liberation. It will be on sale this Wednesday, January 14, and this week’s edition will be offered in 16 languages.

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During these times of terror, we need heroes like this.

What do you think of the cover?