Our first glimpse of The Bachelor is here, and it's a little scandalous.

Rope technician by day, rose technician by night.

Channel 10 has offered us the first promo of the new Bachelor series, and it’s jam-packed with James Bond.

The 19-second clip is modeled off the classic intro sequences to Bond films with Bachelor Richie Strahan appearing as a strawberry blonde substitute.

It seems drawing the connection between a man who often appears in a suave suit and the most iconic man to appear in a suave suit was too good an opportunity to pass up.

But we’re not complaining — oh no.

Source: Screenshot/Channel 10.

There may be no guns on display (other than those hiding in fitted sleeves) but Richie does a remarkable job of staying steamy while modelling a cliche.

The clip begins with Richie buttoning up a classic white shirt to a tune that skates dangerously close to copyright infringement.

Can't wait for Bachie to start? Rosie Waterland has a message for you...

Ooh, danger. Channel 10 is too cool to care.

Once he's finished demonstrating his bedroom eyes and buttoning abilities, our bach-to-be walks through a white background before he stops, turns and poses with a rose.

Source: Screenshot/Channel 10.

The next sequence captures Richie low and loving it as he break-dances with an audio clip of him laughing over the top.

The clip ends with a quick moonwalk, spin and click.

Richie told The Daily Telegraph this week that he's just a "regular Aussie bloke", who's looking for his equal.

"[I want] a girl who is going to be passionate, someone fiery who is going to challenge me," he said.

"Someone who isn’t boring because I don’t think I’m boring so it is about someone who is going to be my equal and push my boundaries as much as I push hers."

Source: Screenshot/Channel 10.

The finale of the series was filmed in Bali last month, with the production team going to extreme lengths to ensure the result wasn't leaked.

It was reported that even the Indonesian military were called in to keep peeking paparazzi at bay.