"Sometimes you need to ‘decide’ to be happy." Fiona Falkiner introduces new 12-week health program.

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For contestants on The Biggest Loser, host Fiona Falkiner is a constant source of inspiration, motivation and above all, understanding. Having starred on the show herself, coming fourth in Season One, she knows all to well the highs and lows of overhauling your lifestyle and health.

Now, the model and TV presenter is taking things one step further, aiming to help people around the country achieve their “health, wellness and happiness goals” in the new year.

In an Instagram post yesterday, Falkiner reflected on the year just passed and introduced her followers to the philosophy behind the 2016 Trimfit Bodies strategy, which she is the face of.

“As we wrap up another year, I always like to look back and reflect on what I have achieved and who I have become both inside and out, not only on the past 12 months but also the last few years,” she wrote.

“This time of the year is perfect to write down ‘decisions’ you want to make leading into the New Year. I know everyone makes ‘New Years resolutions’ but sometimes you need to ‘decide’ to be happy, decide to be healthy, and decide to be the ‘best you’ you possibly can be.”

Watch: A delicious and healthy quinoa recipe from Paper Tiger. (Post continues after video.)

Falkiner then went on to outline the Trimfit Bodies strategy.

“You’ll have everything you need from me and what I do to maintain a Healthy State of Mind: nutrition, exercise, mindset and supplementation. I’d love to you help you achieve the ‘best you’ possible,” she explained.


Get Trimfit is a 12-week online strategy that requires 10 minutes of exercise per day and provides more than 200 recipes along with willpower and motivation tips from Falkiner, which are received via email.

As the new ambassador for the brand, Falkiner says she wants to share what she learned from her own “physical, emotional and mental journey” of weight loss and to help others develop the mindset and “tangible action steps” required to achieve their goals.

The photo Falkiner shared on Instagram.


"I understand the challenges along the way that you'll face along the way. I learned so much during that journey and now it's my mission to spread the message of positive body image, and to inspire you to love yourself and your body. I'm now happy and self confident within my body," she explains in a video on the TrimFit website.

"I understand what it takes to achieve the best possible you. I understand the mindset you need to develop to become happy and self confident in your own skin. I've been through the journey you're about to embark on, so I can guide you every step of the way." (Post continues after gallery.)

This is an interesting move from Falkiner, as she's not the only The Biggest Loser star to front a 12-week health and fitness program.

TBL trainers Michelle Bridges and Steve 'Commando' Willis have both found a loyal following through their 12 Week Body Transformation and Get Commando Fit regimens.

You can take a look at the TrimFit program here.

Have you ever followed a 12-week program? What did you think?