"I used to look in the mirror and tear myself apart." Fiona Falkiner shares the truth about body transformations.

Rather that rattle off how much weight she’s lost and talk about her aesthetics, Falkiner said the biggest positive change she’s gained since appearing on the show has been internal.

“Makeover week brings back many memories from my own time on @biggestloserau and my journey since. Most importantly, I’ve learnt to love my flaws because NOBODY IS PERFECT,” she wrote on Instagram under a photo of her journey (pictured above).

“I used to look in the mirror and tear myself apart about every aspect of my body; I would leave the house every day feeling so negative. Over the years, I’ve changed that. Even as outward appearances change, the most important thing is being happy with what YOU SEE when you look in the mirror #tblau #healthyisastateofmind #fitspo.”

While there are plenty who criticise how TBL Families portrays its contestants and the emphasis on physical appearance, Falkiner’s message is a refreshing reminder about the the importance of inner health and confidence.

Rather than focusing on the “outside”, she raises the point of how being happy with yourself has nothing to do with a number on a scale or tape measure – it’s about knowing you’re working hard, doing your best and loving yourself for who you are; warts and all. (Post continues after gallery.)

While embracing her body didn’t stop once her time on the show finished, Falkiner still attributes her The Biggest Loser experience as a key part of that journey.

“The girl I was 10 years ago was really shy, insecure. I had very little self confidence, I just wasn’t a very happy person,” she told earlier this year.

(L) on the show and (R) shortly after the show finished filming. Image: Ten and Getty.


"My time on the show gave me time to grow, to become an independent woman who took control. To realise this was my life and I just had to become a more confident, happy, healthy person."

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