'The Biggest Loser' host, Fiona Falkiner's worst date ever.

It’s fair to say, Fiona Falkiner’s career is taking off. The former The Biggest Loser Australia contestant, turned model is now the host of The Biggest Loser.

Since returning from her hosting gig in America, the Australian beauty has delved into the dating world – or more importantly the online dating world, in the hopes that she may be able to find someone to share her incredible life with.

Fiona Falkiner is now in the dating game. Image supplied.

Falkiner joined eHarmony in early January.

"I guess for me, it was sort of time to try something different...I just moved back to Australia and I went home for Christmas and my nieces and nephews were all like ‘why is Aunty Fi still single, why aren’t you married?’ So I jumped on board with eHarmony," she tells The Motherish.

Her quest for love has been successful so far.

"I’m going on a second date next week, which will be good," she says.

Previously, the 32-year-old confesses that on her first date she would ask guys what their five year plan was, if they wanted kids and if they wanted to get married. She now admits that was probably a bit daunting.

However, Falkiner's had her fair share of bad dates too. Her worst? On a brunch date in Palm Beach, on Sydney's Northern beaches.

"One of the worst would be with a guy, where we were going up to Palm Beach for brunch, and while picking me up in the car on the way up there, he asked me if I was fertile. Which I was a bit shocked that part of the dating questionnaire? That kind of set alarm bells ringing. And then when we got up there, he actually invited an older lady to come join us on our date and they just sat there making eyes and flirting with each other in front of me the whole time. By the end of it I had to say can you please take me back to Sydney and I said to him this is the worst date I have ever been on. He was like, 'I am really sorry' and I was like, 'yeah what were you thinking?'," Falkiner says through a laugh.

Some of our most embarrasing dates (post continues after the video)...


Falkiner says a good date happens when you have good chat with someone. When the conversation flows and when you just have fun with a person.

She says dating has changed slightly after her time hosting TBL.

"If someone approaches me, it’s a bit weird because they say, ‘you’re the girl from the show’," she says

While on her hunt for love, Falkiner says she doesn't believe you need to have a partner to be happy. She says she loves being single, and admits she's "a little bit too happy sometimes." But she does want a family at some point, that is important to her.

She's happy being single, which is important. Image supplied.

Her number one dealbreaker with a guy would be if he wasn't interested in having a family one day.

"If they don’t want to have kids, because that’s on the cards for me. If they don’t want a family then it’s not really for me. That’s probably the only absolute deal breaker. Someone who would like to get married would be good too but in this day-and-age marriage isn’t the be all and end all," she says.

She's making waves in the world of fashion, and now she's creating a splash in the online dating world. We want to hear about how your second date goes Fi.

What's your worst dating story?

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