"The glow is REAL!": 15 women review the Finishing Touch Flawless facial hair remover.

Finishing Touch Flawless
Thanks to our brand partner, Finishing Touch Flawless

Let's face it: no one likes bumps, cuts or nicks on their skin when getting rid of pesky and unwanted hairs.

And while there may be a myriad of ways to have a fuzz-free face, they're usually always pricey and time-consuming. 

Which is precisely where the Finishing Touch Flawless comes in. 

Their revolutionary facial hair removal device is the answer to getting rid of annoying bits of hair which gather around our upper lip, chin, cheeks, neck and forehead regions.

Think painless, quick and no irritation or redness on that beautiful skin of yours. 

The Finishing Touch Flawless doesn't only take away the pain of removing unwanted hair, but it comes in a compact and discreet lipstick-like design that can be pulled out absolutely anywhere for an easy touch up.

The 18 karat gold plated head is hypoallergenic and offers the closest possible shave without harming the skin. Meaning the only thing you're left with is a seriously baby smooth complexion. 

Sounds divine, right?

For that extra precision, the Finishing Touch Flawless comes with a built-in LED light — so stray hair doesn't stand a chance. Afterwards, all you're left with is skin so flawless that serums, liquids and powders become a dream to apply.

Want to know how to use the Finishing Touch Flawless? Watch this quick tutorial! 

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To prove to you that it lives up to the hype, we asked our Mamamia You Beauty Panel members to roadtest the Finishing Touch Flawless facial hair remover and report back to us with their thoughts.

Here's what they had to say. 

Cheyenne, 25: "You won't regret it."

"The built in light provides a guide to spot even the TINIEST patches of bum fluff." Image: Supplied.


"First up I want to say that the Finishing Touch Flawless is an outstanding product. 'How so?' you ask, well... The sleek design and easy to follow instructions made it an absolute pleasure to use. 

"As a seasoned 'facial hair removalist' who vehemently stuck with razors until this nifty device came into my life, I can honestly say that I have now been fully converted. The product leaves my skin free from hair, smooth and does not cause any irritation, bumps or redness. But most importantly: zero cuts at the end of the hair removal process! This is thanks to the 18k gold plated floating head that contours around the angles of your face without razor-sharp edges.

"Plus the built in light provides a guide to spot even the TINIEST patches of bum fluff ensuring nothing is missed. Once you're done, the product can be effortlessly cleaned and maintained using the included brush. And let me tell you, the way my makeup looks after using the Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover is out of this world! It goes on evenly and the glow is REAL."

Lisa, 31: "Easy and effective."

"I've never used a product like the Finishing Touch Flawless before so I really didn't know what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised how easy and effective it was to use! 

"I can definitely see this becoming part of my regular routine. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to get rid of facial hair!"

Rachel, 33: "Super easy!"

"Super easy to maintain a fuzz-free base". Image: Supplied.


"I really liked using the Finishing Touch Flawless for the smaller areas of my face, like my upper lip and chin. 

"My results were smooth and completely painless. It was super easy to maintain a fuzz-free base for makeup and skincare application!"

Jennifer, 32: "Stylish and compact."

"Overall, I enjoyed using the Finishing Touch Flawless. It is stylish and compact – much more so than most other offerings – making it attractive and easy to store as well as use. The blades give a close shave without causing any irritation, with the small head gliding to the contours of the face. 

"The compartment that catches the fuzz is generously sized so the product can go quite a long time before needing to be emptied. Initially, I spent a good 10–15 minutes too afraid to open the battery compartment as the Finishing Touch Flawless is quite small, but the product was sturdy enough to withstand the force and easy to figure out. 

"I am very pleased with the quality and performance of the product."

Rebeka, 27: "It doesn't take up much space."

"Oh my goodness, it is so easy to use and the device is very compact. I often travel and like that the Finishing Touch Flawless doesn’t take up much space in my toiletries bag. 

"Also waxing my upper lip has always been extremely painful. I’m so happy that I’ve found a device that offers pain free hair removal!"

Lucy, 36: "So good at getting the pesky hairs."

"I loved the result!" Image: Supplied.


"So amazing! So good at getting the pesky hairs that grow back on my upper lip post laser hair removal. Also, I used the Finishing Touch Flawless on the rest of my face as it helps to have smooth skin for serums to sink in to and I loved the result!"

Karli, 36: "Convenient to just whip out."

"I found the Finishing Touch Flawless to be a really quick and easy tool to use. It was really convenient to just whip out and use at any point in your makeup or skincare routine. Once you glide across your skin a few times, it ensures that all of the hair is gone whether it be thicker or thinner bits of baby hairs."

Rosie, 34: "It helped smooth out my skin."

"I loved this product. It helped smooth out my skin and made my makeup look flawless. I also use it on my bikini line and it got rid of those few stray hairs that still grow post-laser hair removal. 

"It is great before a big event to just freshen up your face and make it way more glowy."

Nicola, 36: "I have PCOS with dark hair and it works."

"This little magical device made my face smooth and hairless and I am so obsessed." Image: Supplied.


"When a small little device promises to remove hair, painlessly and with ease... you can’t help but be a little bit sceptical. But here I am, one happy little hairless customer. This works. 

"How the Finishing Touch Flawless removes hair without any feeling at all is beyond me. Being half Lebanese with PCOS I get lots of dark hair, sideburns and random sprouts of hair. This little magical device made my face smooth and hairless, and I am so obsessed."

Sarah, 32: "Very gentle."

"I have used the Finishing Touch Flawless a handful of times when I was either going out for the day or night and it was super easy to use and very gentle. 

"I really liked the light as it really did help me pick up all the little hairs. I also felt like my makeup went on smoother so overall, I loved it!"

Melissa, 33: "Feels much safer than other facial hair removers."

"The Finishing Touch Flawless was really good, simple and easy to use. It feels much safer than using the other type of blade type facial hair removers as well. 

"It’s a good size in terms of use, it’s easy to hold and operate, but also nice and compact for travelling. Makeup goes on much smoother when you’ve removed that peach fuzz as well and this tool makes that process quick, easy, pain-free and safe to do.

Jessica, 31: "Didn't leave me red and blotchy."

"It's fantastic." Image: Supplied.

"My overall experience with the Finishing Touch Flawless was fantastic. The product did exactly what it said it would do and didn't leave me red and blotchy like other hair removal products."


Amy, 31: "It did exactly as it said it would."

"I found it did exactly as it said it would. It’s lightweight, easy to use and easy to clean. The Finishing Touch Flawless is a great size to keep in your handbag for quick touch-ups too. For a small shaver with just a battery, it’s rather high powered."

Mala, 34: "No pain at all."

"It gets in those hard to reach places!" Image: Supplied.

"I absolutely loved this product, it’s so quick and easy to use. It squeezes into those hard to reach places and there is no pain at all. After every use my skin is so soft and non-irritated. Goodbye traditional blades and razors!"

Ashley, 33: "Perfect for throwing in the handbag."

"I used to pay for professional micro-blading and I was worried that if I did it at home, I would cut myself. The Finishing Touch Flawless not only takes away the risk of cutting, but it is also more cost effective than professional micro-blading for the same results. 

"The Finishing Touch Flawless is not a traditional blade. It is great for removing facial hair to get a smoother makeup application. It could also tackle the odd stubborn hairs that liked to pop up around the chin and jawline. 

"The little torch is a great extra touch for making sure no stray hairs are missed. I am quite impressed with this product and will be using it regularly."

Keen to give it a try for yourself? Head over to The Finishing Touch Flawless website to get your hands on the hair removal device changing the game. 

Feature Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

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