"I could feel an instant difference.": 17 women test the Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi.

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There's nothing better than a beautiful, smooth foot.

Calloused and cracked skin on the feet is not the ideal, which is usually why we often splurge on costly and time-wasting treatments. Inevitably, though, we tend to leave them as is and sit there wondering what the heck we can actually do about it. 

But what if I were to tell you that there's a way to get that youthful and smooth foot feeling right from the comfort of your own home? 

Well, this is exactly where the Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi comes in. It's here to give you everything you need in one innovative and discreet device. 

Its revolutionary technology not only promises a smooth and pain-free experience, but it also comes with its own built-in LED light to ensure a spot is never missed. 

While it can be tricky to make sure every bit of the skin is smooth, its easy reach design — built to ensure a natural back-and-forth motion — makes it all the more simpler to get a good lookin' foot.

The seamless, detailed treatment gives in-store salon pedicures a run for their money, and with a long-lasting battery that is rechargeable, what isn't there to love? 

For tougher feet, the Pedi has two heads and two speeds — coarse and fine — so smoothness and an instant difference is guaranteed.

WATCH: Want to know how to use the Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi? Here's a quick tutorial!

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Sounds too good to be true, right? 

Well, Mamamia endeavoured to find out just how good the Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi actually is and whether it lives up to the hype, so we asked 17 women to give us their honest thoughts.

Here's what they had to say after trying it out for themselves.


Alice, 34: "Very easy to use and so quick!"

"I’m actually shocked at how bad my feet were before I used this." Image: Supplied. 

"Very easy to use and so quick! It really didn’t take long at all to get the hang of — I used it while my kids were in the bath so yay for #multitasking! I’m actually shocked at how bad my feet were before I used this. So much skin came off my heels, I was so astonished. 

"My feet feel like they have spent the day at the day spa! I wasn’t sure what I expected, as I don’t really give my feet any love usually so this was a pleasant surprise. I’m so happy with it, I can’t stop!"

Jordan, 24: "I have netballer feet and it has done wonders."

"Honestly, the overall experience was great and better than other similar products I have tried in the past. My tip is to use the tool a certain way/direction or else it can easily slip off the section of the foot you are trying to use it on. 

"I have netballer feet and it has done wonders on my blister prone feet. The rougher setting worked well on my heels and the lighter setting was really good at getting dead skin off from old blisters — especially around the more sensitive areas such as the toes."

Devjanee, 34: "I could feel an instant difference after first use."

"My feet felt softer." Image: Supplied. 


"I could feel an instant difference after first use. My feet felt softer. I was quite impressed by battery capacity. I could easily get five or six sessions with one charge. 

"I have never been a high maintenance person, so I have to remind myself constantly to use the device. But it is a good device if it’s used regularly, and I do feel my feet becoming smoother after every use."

Michelle, 33: "I put a towel out, turned the movie on and away I went."

"The Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi was a positive experience. I go to the podiatrist to help with my incredibly dry feet about four to six times each year. It costs me around $70 to sit in a chair and have someone basically shave my heels, and this is a far cheaper, more comfortable and dignified experience.

"I put a towel out, turned the movie on and away I went. Afterwards I brushed them down with a wet washcloth and coated them with a lovely foot cream. They’re looking considerably more like lady feet and less like hooves now!"

Ashley, 28: "Made my feet feel great."

"I really love it!" Image: Supplied. 


"I really love it! It was so easy to use and made my feet feel great. The Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi was actually better than I thought it would be. 

"Heel exfoliates usually don’t do much or they feel really gross when you’re using them, but this product worked really well and felt lovely."

Madeleine, 34: "I loved this product."

"It's very powerful and leaves your heels smooth." Image: Supplied. 

"I loved this product. I get very dry heels so I have been using this before bed then putting moisturiser and socks on. 

"It's very effective and very powerful, and leaves your heels smooth."

Samantha, 30: "The skin definitely felt softer."

"The Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi was what I was expecting. It was easy to use, to charge and to swap heads. I have really dry and cracked heels so I was surprised to feel that the skin definitely felt softer."


Sandra, 36: "Very compact and easy to use."

"The product exceeded my expectations." Image: Supplied. 

"I was really excited to try this out. Ever since COVID and becoming a mum, I've barely left the house which means I've been waking around the house with no shoes or socks on... my feet have really paid for it! 

"The product is very compact and easy to use. I like the idea of the rechargeable use cable as getting batteries for it would be annoying. The results are instant which I was very surprised by. It definitely works, and it only took 10 minutes to do both feet properly.

"This is definitely a tool I will be incorporating into my at home pedicure routine — especially during summer or for events where I'll be wearing sandals or open shoes. The product exceeded my expectations to be honest, I didn't think it would work that fast."

Elise, 27: "It met my expectations."

"I found the higher setting to be better and easier to use than the lower setting." Image: Supplied. 


"I thought the product did an adequate job of removing dead skin and callouses... I found the high setting to be especially effective. 

"It met my expectations for an at home product."

Erin, 28: "Gentle but also effective."

"Super easy to use, takes no time and love that it is rechargeable!" Image: Supplied. 

"The Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi has banished my cracked heels in between pedicures. Super easy to use, takes no time and love that it is rechargeable! 


"Having used other devices like this over the years, my expectations were pretty low but it well and truly exceeded that with its performance. Gentle but also effective — what is not to love?"

Gilda, 30: "It's wonderful that it is chargeable and doesn't rely on a battery."

"I thought it was quite powerful." Image: Supplied. 

"The Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi is a helpful device as I have disabilities that result in fatigue, and it would take a serious amount of manual labour to do what this device can!

"My feet get a lot of thickened skin, so this is something I will continue to use instead of a manual foot file. It's also very powerful and the coarsest setting was the most useful for me. It's wonderful that it is chargeable and doesn't rely on a battery. 

"It's reasonably ergonomic for my hand. I found it excellent that it has two settings, and it is so pretty to look at."

Isabel, 22: "Effective in removing dry skin."

"It looks gorgeous on the shelf." Image: Supplied. 


"The Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi worked extremely well and was very effective in removing dry skin. It is quite a gentle product and yet manages to slough away any dead skin from summer, calluses and bunions. 

"The packaging of the product is really lovely, and it looks gorgeous on my shelf! With COVID and a busy schedule, I always mean to get a pedicure yet never get there — but this gives smooth and soft feet without the hassle. I used it after getting out of the shower and loved how effectively it worked. 

"The two attachments mean that you can easily get rid of the rough skin but also buff down the foot to be soft. I think a lot of products can leave your feet dry or rough after grinding at them, but this wasn’t my experience at all. It’s super easy to charge and small enough so you can pop it in your nail bag. All in all a great product!  

"This isn’t a product I would have thought to buy or that I even necessarily needed but the change in the texture of my feet was dramatic. I also expected it to leave my feet rough as many foot products can. I think you’ll love it!"

Leigh, 30: "Simple and very easy to follow."

"After using, my heels have become so perfectly smooth." Image: Supplied. 


"I am extremely happy with the Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi and using the product was simple and very easy to follow. I was a bit tentative at first with the harsher head, but after another use, I actually preferred it for smoothing out my heels. 

"After use my heels are so perfectly smooth. It is great that the product comes with two head options, along with two speed options, so that there is variety in how you use the product."

Dani, 33: "My heels have never felt so soft."

"The Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi was great! My heels have never felt so soft — and it is so easy to use and charge. 

"It’s compact, easy to clean and store, and it looks pretty."

Jade, 29: "My feet are really smooth now."

"It was actually really easy to use and results were good!" Image: Supplied. 


"I was worried it may damage my feet and didn’t think I’d like it but it was actually really easy to use and the results were good! My feet are really smooth now and it didn’t hurt or feel too rough.

"All in all, the Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi was better than I thought and my feet feel lovely and smooth."

Sophie, 36: "Absolutely works!"

"This was excellent. The Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi absolutely works! It did exactly as advertised, and all without the fuss normally involved with keeping feet smooth."

Zelia, 32: "A great ergonomic design."

"It worked to get rid of all my dry yuckiness. Please enjoy my foot pic." Image: Supplied. 

"It was great! A great ergonomic design, cute colour, not huge like others that I've used in the past. I LOVE that it recharges (WHO can be bothered with batteries?!) and I love that it comes with two different coarseness options.

"The Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi worked well, and I couldn't ask for more. It worked well, is powerful, and worked to get rid of all my dry yuckiness."

Keen to give it a try yourself? Get The Finishing Touch Flawless Pedi here.

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