53,000 people have gone mad over this wedding ring and we don't know what to think.

People are going nuts over a man’s custom-made wedding ring after he posted a photo on Reddit… but we have a few questions.

The silver ring has been engraved with his wife’s fingerprint, you see, which of course makes it one of a kind but also means the piece of jewellery has a big ‘ol fingerprint on it for all eternity.

Like so:

Her Fingerprint + My Wedding Band from pics

While the cynic in us says “but how on earth will he sell that after the divorce?”, the romantic in us thinks it’s pretty sweet, which seems to be the general consensus judging by the 53,000 or so Redditors who’ve liked the image.

It’s the realist in us that’s really struggling here, and would inevitably keep reaching for the Silvo in vain.

Obviously, wedding rings are all about showing you’re spoken for, but isn’t having your partner’s fingerprint on the band a little, I don’t know, Law and Order: SVU?

As one commenter asked: “Looks great! Could you open her iPhone with this?”

Well… could you?

Look, we don’t hate the ring, we just don’t get the ring. What do you guys think?

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