'I'm a lifestyle writer, and here are 5 tips for picking the right bra for every type of outfit.'

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I cannot be the only boob-owner that thinks shopping for bras is the actual *worst*.

Indeed, I fear bra-buying so much that I will literally wait until I’m being aggressively poked in the sternum by errant underwire before I’ll even consider it.

From uncomplimentary mirrors, downright rude lighting, tangles of tiny plastic hangers, the mental endurance it takes to try on 76 different styles to find they only ‘sort of’ fit, plus the sweaty struggle of capturing and caging ‘the twins’ each time… it's absurdity at its finest.

Then, after all that, you get home and realise the single, solitary bra you walked away with works with that shirt… but not with that dress… and you’re back to square one. Nightmare. 

Finding the right bra isn’t as simple as it fits in the change room — it needs to fit your life, too. A bra can make or break outfits, and lift or lower your confidence. Feeling supported isn’t just physical, it’s (dare I say it?) spiritual. A bad bra has the power to ruin your whole damn day.

This is why my one-stop-shop is Triumph, who for 130 years have been providing boob-havers with bra-solutions that lift their lives. The fact they even offer solutions means they realised there were problems. They get it, which is why their range strives not just for fit, but for feel-good-fit.

If you're sick to death of practically wrestling yourself into a bra that's supposed to suit every outfit but seemingly doesn't, then I got you.

Here are my 5 foolproof tips for picking the best bra to rock every type of outfit.

For anything bare shoulders, invest in a strong, sturdy strapless bra... with convertible straps.

It’s some sort of cruel joke that this ‘staple’ bra can also be THE MOST annoying... especially when approximately 98 per cent of the cutest outfits depend on their very existence.

Sometimes, when looking for something strapless, I think I may as well just buy a belt to wear around my waist, because we all know that’s where these bras end up. 

But not with this one: the over-achieving Beautiful Silhouette Strapless Bra makes all the other strapless bras look absolutely hopeless in comparison.

It's the ultimate bra for any kind of bare-shouldered outfit. It combines flexibility and functionality as it comes with detachable, convertible straps that can be worn crossed, tied diagonally, as a halter neck or as a standard bra. 

Image: Triumph/Mamamia. 


All you've got to do is simply convert the strap to match the style of dress. A halter neck? No problem. Simply clip them in that direction and the straps perfectly fit underneath the fabric of your dress.

It's actually heaven. 

The cups are also smooth and seamless, designed to look invisible beneath clothes. With a strong band, no-slip grip material and comfortable side boning, this bra can be worn effortlessly and effectively under whatever you want to throw over it — and is available in up to G-cup! 

When wearing low cut tops, rock your underwear as outerwear with a beautiful bralette.

If your bra is going to be visible, own it with something designed to be seen. Offering gentle support, the Sloggi ZERO Feel Lace Bralette features delicate lace and soft edges — super comfy, and super cute! 

Team it with loungewear for relaxing at home, or pop it under overalls, sheer tops and loose tees for a cool, casual look.

Image: Triumph/Mamamia. 


Own tricky necklines with a deep cut bra.

Let's be real, we all love a plunging neckline. Although, while our love for plunging necklines never seems to fade, our love for going absolutely commando usually does.

So, match tricky necklines with a deep cut bra. Bras like Triumph's Sheer Balconette Bra work great with lower cut tops as they provide half-cup coverage while still being extra supportive too. 

It's the perfect example of how a bra's neckline can be just deep enough to match the one of your favourite dress.

Image: Triump/Mamamia. 


Avoid the lacey bra with the t-shirt.

There's honestly nothing worse than when your bra's fabric (and every bit of its intricate details) is entirely traceable through your shirt.

Repeat after me: thin-material shirts mean soft-fabric bras.

Which is why a t-shirt bra is non-negotiable. Made of smooth, soft fabric, this style of bra is subtle beneath even the thinnest of clothing.

Image: Triumph/Mamamia. 

My favourite? The Airy Sensation T-Shirt Bra which uses breathable padding and innovative spacer-cup technology to create the perfect rounded shape whilst offering peak-projection and optimum support. 

The fit is cool, and comfortable and the size ranges in cup sizes from B to E.

When breastfeeding, be strategic with a maternity bra that’s a multi-tasking machine.

Not only do maternity bras have to be wirefree (to support developing milk ducts) and able to wildly span several different sizes, but they also MUST BE COMFORTABLE because nothing else bloody is! 

And of course, actually wearable with outfit X, Y and Z.

Well, our bra prayers have been answered with the Gorgeous Maternity Bra.


This bad boy has no less than six hook-and-eye adjustments to accommodate the frequent changes during, and after, pregnancy.

Image: Triumph/Mamamia 

Utilising clever A-frame design, it offers support even when open during feeding — which is fabulously fuss-free thanks to magnetic clips and drop-down padded cups. 

Completely wireless, and with layered fabric offering extra support at the sides, this bra is so comfortable you’ll be reluctant to give it up after weaning. (Not ashamed to admit I wore maternity bras until my kids turned three!)

If you're experiencing some serious bra dilemmas, let Triumph do the work for you. Visit their website for a range of different bras perfect for every type of outfit and an online shopping tool that makes selecting your new bra easy.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Triumph is partnering with Mamamia to give five lucky winners and their biggest supporters a special Triumph gift card and personal fitting session valued at a whopping $1,000. To enter, find out more here.

Feature Image: Mamamia/Instagram @_carly_sophia_/Canva.

The right bras are more than supportive, they are uplifting. Being lifted isn’t just something physical. It’s a feeling. We’re here to help all women find the bras that lift their life. Triumph ~ Bras that Lift Your Life.