Another mind-boggling cartoon to brighten your Easter.

Oh, let’s get back at this thing again.

Our favourite cartoonist, Dudolf, has released his latest challenge to find the Easter egg among the bunnies.

And, here it is:

Now, I’m going to be honest. Every time one of these little mind-frazzling puzzles are released, I promise myself I’ll do it seriously.

No cheating.

No looking at websites for clues.

Nothing. Just relying on my good old brain. And, that has never, ever happened.

Until today. For the first time in the history of these puzzles, I can report I successfully did it without any help. Honest. (Well, I did turn my zoom up to 175%, but still, I’m counting it as a win.)

Now, in case you may have missed it (it’s perfectly natural), I have prepared the solutions below.

SO: if you keep scrolling, you will see the answer. Don’t say you weren’t warned if you wanted to find it independently.

Alrighty then…

Here’s the big picture:

find the easter egg in the bunnies
CAN YOU SEE IT? Image via Twitter.

Okay, let’s isolate a part of the picture:

find the easter egg in the bunnies
Closer. Closer. Closer.

Still struggling? It’s all good. We’ll keep zooming.

find the easter egg in the bunnies
We’re so close now. So close.

Okey dokey. If you’re still stuck (completely understandable, it’s not exactly easy), then here is the final answer. Prepare for: UTTER FRUSTRATION.

find the easter egg in the bunnies

And, there you have it folks, the Easter egg. Safely located.

Until next time.

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