Finally. Justice for burn victim and ultra-marathon runner, Turia Pitt.

It’s been nearly three years since Turia Pitt was trapped by a grassfire during an ultra-marathon in WA’s Kimberley region.

And yesterday she received justice for the burns she received to 64 per cent of her body, when organisers left her and fellow competitor Kate Sanderson for dead.

Turia Pitt reportedly received a $10 million settlement against the Hong Kong-based organisers RacingThePlanet in the NSW Supreme Court. Ms Sanderson, who also received burns to at least 60 per cent of her body, settled with the organisers late last year.

The WA parliamentary inquiry found that the organisers were not adequately prepared for the emergency, nor did they alert runners to the possible risk despite knowing there were fires on or near the course.

WA’s Fire and Emergency Services Authority said they had not been alerted to the event until it was too late, adding they would’ve suggested cancelling or moving the event if they had been notified earlier.

The inquiry also found RacingThePlanet, run by former Sydney investment banker Mary Gadams, didn’t have adequate satellite phones and condemned Tourism WA for sponsoring the event and not ensuring a risk management plan was in place.

Turia has spent over $3 million dollars having her face, hands and body reconstructed. According to her lawyer, Greg Walsh, she still needs a major operation on her nose and titanium screws in the fingers of her right hand to help with dexterity.

Since the settlement, Ms Pitt has tweeted a photo of her partner Michael Hoskins with the helicopter pilot who rescued her from the fire.

“It has been very stressful. She now looks forward to getting on with her life and starting a family with her partner Michael Hoskin,” her lawyer told The West Australian.

We wish you all the best Turia.