A behind-the-scenes look at filming a sex-scene. (Spoiler: It's not sexy at all.)

Filming a Hollywood sex scene must be really awks.

First of all, you’re naked. The person you’re pretending to sex with is also naked. You then have to roll around in a bed together, pretending to have sexy-times, before offering up your most convincing orgasm. And all this while about 50 crew members in the room watch your every move.

Hardly the epitome of sexy. But as long as the finished product looks hot, nobody’s ever going to know the awkward manoeuvring that went into getting it just right.

Until today. Because today, THE VEIL OF SEXINESS HAS BEEN LIFTED.

This short behind-the-scenes clip shows Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson in the middle of filming a sex scene for the new movie Stretch.

And it’s awkward as shit.

First of all, they have weird, polite conversation while they wait for the director to get ready. Just lying there naked, on top of each other, shootin’ the breeze:

Then they spend some time adjusting. Because if they’re going to be lying there for a while, they might as well be comfortable:

A make-up lady comes over and sprays them with fake sweat. Just to keep things authentic:

And finally, they do a take. Fake orgasms and everything:

It’s… Weird. But fascinating viewing. Watch the whole clip here:

So what do you reckon? Does this make those huge actor paycheques worth it?

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