A mum heard her husband on the phone to their daughter. Then she heard his "vile" remark.


There are some comments you just can’t come back from, as this husband may have just discovered.

A woman has taken to Mumsnet for advice after her husband made an insensitive remark about her appearance in front of their daughter.

And some women have even suggested she should leave him.

“Husband is away with work. FaceTimed and was speaking to children, DD [darling daughter] moved the phone round and I came into view,” the woman wrote.

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She explained that when she appeared on screen in glasses with no makeup, her husband said: “Ew! What was that hideous beast?”

Clearly upset by the nasty comment, the woman left the room but called him later on to tell him how she felt, expecting an apology.


But he was dismissive – insisting it was “just a joke” and telling her she was being “too sensitive”. He then threatened to mute her calls, adding that he would not speak to her for the next two weeks while he’s away.

“My mind is completely frazzled and I feel rather close to walking away with my DC [darling children],” she posted to the forum.

“Am I completely losing the plot or is this totally unreasonable?!” she added.

Most of those who responded took the mum’s side, with one calling the husband “absolutely vile and nasty”.

“He is being absolutely vile and nasty. It was a foul thing to do and the fact that he doesn’t give a s*** that you are upset makes it even worse. I would be devastated – I would say if you can organise to leave before he gets back then do so. Nobody should treat you like that,” she said.

Another posted:

“Is he 5? My DH would never behave like this. Because he’s a grown up. Grim OP. I’d be having a very serious conversation with him when he’s home.”

And another agreed with the sentiment: “You’re married to a child,” she said.

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