'It's feminists' fault that some catholic priests abused children'. True story.

“Feminism” has obscured the “goodness and importance of men”, according to one high-ranking figure in the church.

One of the highest ranking cardinal’s of the Roman Catholic Church has claimed “radical feminism” is one of the biggest problems facing the church today.

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke went on a bit of a rant in an interview with a publication called  The New Emangelization ( which is run by a group that seeks to reinstate manliness to the church, which they believe is suffering from a “man-crisis”).

Cardinal Burke says feminization is to blame for the chuch’s problems.

In that manifesto, Cardinal Burke suggests women’s rights movements of the 1960s –which allowed women to be included by the church — was a sign of “radical feminism” that played a part in obscuring the “goodness and importance of men”.


Feminism, ruiner of the Roman Catholic Church. At least, that’s what this Cardinal thinks.

But that’s not all. The Cardinal added in the interview: “There was a period of time when men who were feminized and confused about their own sexual identity had entered the priesthood; sadly some of these disordered men sexually abused minors; a terrible tragedy for which the Church mourns.”

Burke also directed his comments to ordinary women who engage in Church activities, saying this act fuels the feminizsation of the Church and has”alienated, disenchanted” men and made them, “sexually confused”.

Cardinal Burke blames problems of the modern church on its ‘feminisation’.

“Apart from the priest, the sanctuary has become full of women,” Burke said.

“The activities in the parish and even the liturgy have been influenced by women and become so feminine in many places that men do not want to get involved. Men are often reluctant to become active in the Church. The feminized environment and the lack of the Church’s effort to engage men has led many men to simply opt out,” he added.

Cardinal Burke says men are frightened of women.

Cardinal Burke also frames men as victims of women’s ‘constant and insistent demanding of [women’s] rights’.

“Young men [were] telling me that they were, in a certain way, frightened by marriage because of the radicalizing and self-focused attitudes of women that were emerging at that time,” he told his interviewer.

The Cardinal also took issue with pornography and masturbation, referring to them as “serious issues” which are ‘lethal for men’.

Pope Francis.

Along with his blatant conservatism when it comes to anything in relation to women, such as his vocal pro-life stance on abortion, the Cardinal has also been critical of the LGBT community in the past.

Speaking of Pope Francis’ slightly more progressive attitude toward thte LGBT community, Cardinal Burke told Buzzfeed: “[He] has done a lot of harm…The pope is not free to change the church’s teachnings with regard to the immorality of homosexual act.”