8 'feminist icon' ice-cream flavours we would absolutely pay double for.

Who knew equality could taste so damn good.

There is nothing I like more than puns, except perhaps food-related puns. (Yes, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” is my favourite film. Thanks for asking.)

I’m also into feminism. I mean, like, equal opportunity for both sexes isn’t as important to me as puns, but it’s definitely up there.

Thus, it is with great pleasure I introduce to you Amanda McCall’s feminist flavour suggestions for Ben and Jerry’s.

Butter Pecancé Knowles, anyone?

I love the taste of equal opportunity.

Last month, B&Js introduced a new flavour in celebration of Jimmy Fallon’s first birthday as the host of The Tonight Show: “The Tonight Dough”.

It is the twentieth time the iconic brand has created a flavour to honour a celebrity, but as McCall points out, only two of those celebrities have been women. TWO.

Tiny Fey’s Liz Lemon received own frozen yoghurt in 2013 (“Liz Lemon’s Greek Frozen Yogurt”) and Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter was given one for a brief period in 2009 (“Hannah Teter’s Maple Blondie”).

Thankfully, McCall is here to close the gender deliciousness gap.

Check out her suggestions (post continues after gallery).

Because true change requires united action, we here at the Mamamia office were inspired to come up with some flavour suggestions of our own. Here they are:

1. Empowermint

2. Bra Burnt Caramel

3. Marshmallow Fluffrage (like suffrage, gettit?)

4. Pro-choice-alate

5. Smashing the Peach-riachy

6. Man(go) Hatin’

7. Rosewater the Riveter

8. Rocky Rage

9. Raisin’ Awareness

10. Nonuts Butter

11. Mans-Plain (that one is vanilla flavoured, obviously.)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

What feminist flavours would you like to see?