Editor's Picks: Your 2015 Feminist Christmas Gift Guide.

With pop star Taylor Swift, (She Of The #GirlSquad fame) finishing up her Australian tour this week, the sisterhood has been firmly on my mind. While trawling the shops in search of Christmas gifts for uncles, grandparents, brothers-in-law and neighbours, I’ve been holding onto the fact that next on my list is gifts for the gals.

Without question, it’s my favourite kind of shopping. And this year? I’m taking a decidedly feminist bent with the presents I am buying for my favourite women. Here’s a taste of what I’ve nabbed for the ladies in my life and (possibly, maybe, likely, almost definitely…. okay I already bought them) a couple for myself as well.

Samantha Wills “Partners in Crime” necklace – $120.00


I picked a pair of these up as gifts for my bridesmaids last year. If you’re getting married in 2016, then these will make a beautiful – and lasting – Christmas present for the women who will be holding up masses of tulle in order to get you onto a loo throughout the big day. I think we can all agree, they deserve some thanks.

 “I don’t care for your misogyny” fox tank top – $29.95


I would happily buy and wear half the t-shirts this online store has on offer. It’s a great gift option for your fierce, fabulous, feminist friend – who also happens to be impossible to buy for. I particularly like the expression on this fox’s face, she ain’t putting up with any funny misogynist business.

Santa Monica ‘Because I can’ cap – $30.00


How much fun is this? A cute print, a great message AND it’s sun smart. While the wearer is not going to get the neck protection of those funky flap-back yellow hats worn by primary school students, at least your friend’s pretty face won’t get burnt.

The Anti-Cool Girl by Rosie Waterland – $23.75

Buy it here:

You might not have heard but my girl Rosie Waterland wrote a book. She’s one of the fierce, fabulous feminists this list of gifts is intended for and her words will bring you and yours so much joy. It’s the blackest of comedies, beautifully and brilliantly executed. A story of tribulations and triumph. You will laugh and cry.

Feminist Heart phone case (iPhone and Android options available) – $29.95


Fact: Your friend’s iPhone case is not as cool as this one. Buy her a newbie.

Ladies of Letters Writer’s Blocks (geddit?!?!) – $50.00


Three solid wooden stacking blocks, with six iconic female writers painted on them including Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf and Harper Lee. A pitch-perfect gift for the creative procrastinator.

Taylor Swift, 1989 (Deluxe Edition) – $19.99

Buy it here:

I’ve already referenced the #girlsquad Plus, who doesn’t love to dance to a bit of Taylor?

Bell Frankie and Co’s Willow bracelet in fuchsia – $25.00


If you’re like me, you gaze at better dressed, well accessorised women and wish to know how they got all those go-together-but-all-of-them-unique-bracelets. Did they collect them over decades from artisan markets in Morocco? Did they think about specific combinations of tone and texture in advance? Is that effortless look truly effortless or actually really bloody complicated?

Then your wonderment turns to jealousy, that in turn becomes sadness, you sigh and order Gelato Messina.

But now you can put down the spoon because the excellent all-female duo of Amy Ardlie and Georgie Browne at Bell Frankie and Co have created a bracelet that looks like a bunch of individual trinkets put together. In other words? They did the hard work for you. Plus they come in a bunch of different colours too.

They All Hate Us ‘Girl Gang’ T-Shirt – $65.00


It’s the grown-up equivalent of a Best Friends necklace. Buy one in ever colour*. One for every member of the gang.

*There’s only one colour. Sorry.

Mister Zimi Palm Springs Barbi jumpsuit – $180.00

Buy it here:

Summery, relaxed, bold and beautiful. The Mister Zimi prints make me happy and it’s the kind of sunshiny joy that should be shared with mates. If you aren’t feeling generous enough to buy this for a friend (and at $180, fair enough!) then get it for yourself and have them around for a cider, to admire you in it. BAM.