Attention women: Kyle from Twitter says we're not "supposed" to orgasm during sex.

There’s never been a better time for fake news.

I love some conspiracy theories. Like, did man actually ever walk on the moon? Does the moon even exist? Is climate change is just a lie orchestrated by the radical left?

Nothing makes me happier than people inaccurately representing facts, or blatantly ignoring facts, to make unsubstantiated claims and then profess themselves as “insiders” to what’s “really happening”.

If you haven’t guessed my tone, I am lying. Ignoring facts because the government is “out to get you” makes me want to do this:

Please excuse the violence, but the next person who tweets me a link to a fear-mongering anti-vax article will pay for the repair of my computer.

In recent days, a man named Kyle has decided to get himself involved in the “existence” of the female orgasm debate.

Before we go on, let’s tick all boxes and assume that Kyle is a cisgender, heterosexual man, who – for the sake of a woman ever having sex with him again – wants to get this female orgasm thing nailed down.

In a screenshot posted by journalist, Parker Molloy, Kyle is on a mission to bust this female orgasm myth.

I’ll let you take some deep breaths and reflect on those considered insights from Kyle. Actually, it’s lucky I’m not on my period because I would be probably crying right now! RIGHT, LADIES?

Despite being such a small paragraph, a smattering of words really, there’s a lot to unpack.

Let’s start with said research that Kyle claims does not exist. There are lots of ways for Kyle to solve this.

My first suggestion is starting with a little Google search, even just these simple words:

does-the-female-orgasm-exist google search

Now, lots of weird and wacky sites will come up. My message to those like Kyle: trust peer-reviewed, science-based research. Probably not Yahoo Answers.

While most researchers accept the female orgasm DOES exist, they are now looking more closely at the type of orgasms a woman can have. I'm thinking vaginal versus clitoral or even, the G-Spot.

Listen: Jessie Stephens has a gripe with any woman who fakes an orgasm.

However, Kyle, if you are reading, my word of advice is to not use your experience with the female orgasm - or lack thereof - as an indication that it does not exist.

Let's just say, it's probably you.

Unfortunately, for our dear friend Kyle, his friends are not helping the situation.

Based on his friend's recommendations on how to make a woman orgasm, I am afraid any woman near Kyle will end up with her clitoris on fire.

For anyone stumped at the wrongness of the above advice, YOU DON'T JUST KEEP GOING.


Communication is the key.

If she says to stop rubbing "vigorously", please stop. Just take the cue from your partner.

After realising he had become an internet sensation for the all wrong reasons, Kyle took to Facebook to justify his perfectly reasonable question.

I actually have no comment on this.

Then, after deciding this has gone a teensy bit too far, Kyle posted song lyrics.

I don't know why.

But all I can say is, Kyle - and all others befuddled by the nether regions of the woman - the Big O definitely exists.

Trust me.

P.S. Quite helpfully, Mamamia also reviewed a service called OMGYES, which is an online service dedicated to teaching people about the female orgasm. You should get onto it.