The key to saving lives as a female superhero? Wearing stilettos, apparently.

Thought the high heels in Jurassic World were ridiculous?  Meet the other action heroines saving lives while trying not to break their ankles.

Jurassic World was a hit at the box office. We all know that.

But something that stuck out to almost every woman watching the movie (yes, maybe even more than the terrifying 3D dinosaurs) was the shoes on Claire, the female lead’s, feet.

Holly wrote about Jurassic World’s most unrealistic thing (the heels!) here.

You know the ones.

Those are the offending shoes.

Yes, there they are. The offending shoes.

It seems that despite Claire was running through the mossy jungle (don’t we all know that heels should never be on ground that isn’t hard?), her ridiculously high shoes were a must.

While we are all still wondering what went through the minds of the producers when they decided to put Claire through living hell, one Tumblr blog has noted that the action-heroines-in-heels kinda thing, is not new. In fact, many female action heroines have had to endure the unrealistic standards of saving lives while looking mighty tall.

Right from T. Swift in Bad Blood, to Mila Jovovich as brutal vampire in Ultraviolet.

Scroll through the gallery too see these action heroines fighting the world in shoes that give us nightmares. (Post continues after gallery.)

You know what?

We think it is pretty kick-arse that anyone can manage to run away from terrifying 3D dinosaurs, conquer evil villains, or be world class spies on secret missions — regardless of their choice of footwear.

So TV studios, please take note: We want our heroines fierce, and we don’t care how sexy their shoes are.

Give those poor superhero feet a rest, already.

What do you think of heels on female action heroes? Are you over it, too?

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