Seven feelings every adult wishes they could experience again.

Josefa with her son


My five year old often wishes he was an adult.

It breaks my heart really, every time he says it.

One year it was his birthday wish as he blew out the candles on his cake. In that moment I wished for him to be my baby forever.

In all honesty, why would anyone want to grow up? Surely, if we could stay young forever, we would, wouldn’t we? There are some things in life that are unique to childhood and seem to slip away the moment we become adults.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Euky Bearub. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

Here are seven feelings you felt as a kid, but will never get again as an adult:

1. Feeling that everything is possible.

Oh the decisions were endless as a child – will I grow up to be a ballerina, a firefighter, a warrior or a princess. Each day it was something different and each time it seemed just as possible to achieve. Even the sky had no limits when you were a child.

Superhero and his sidekick.

2. Feeling tired and knowing someone will look after you.

Piggy backs if your feet hurt, being carried from the car to bed, it seemed that when you were tired as a child, someone was always there ready to take care of you. The best part was that you could fall asleep just about anywhere and if you did, someone was always there to carry you safely to bed.

3. Feeling unconditionally loved.

As children we never doubted ourselves and certainly never doubted the love around us. Always knowing that you were safe and there was nothing to worry about is the best feeling yet. Even in the simplicity of mum rubbing your chest with Euky Bearub when you were sick somehow made everything ok.

4. Feeling fashion indestructible.

A superhero costume, or a fairy princess outfit, not only were they perfectly acceptable attire as a child, you could wear them for days on end and never change out of them. Striped stockings paired with a tutu or layers of t-shirts and a pair of old jeans, it really didn’t matter what you wore as a child you always managed to look cute and adorable.

5. Feeling that you could ask for anything.

I want ice cream. I want a new doll. I want more cake. As children we spent half our time asking for things, whether the answer was yes or a more often no, it didn’t stop us from asking. Believing that we could ask for anything in the hope that we actually got what we wanted is a truly magical part of childhood.

The two most important things: laugh and play

6. Feeling that the most important thing in life are to laugh and play.

Not only is this how children spend most of their day, it is how we encourage them to spend their day. No work, no taxes, no deadlines, no stress, days filled with laughter, imagination and endless hours to be completely carefree.

7. Feeling fearless.

To the detriment of many parents, children spend almost their whole childhood being fearless. Whether it is standing on the garage roof convinced they can fly or staring out the window waiting to join the fairies that come to life after dark. Either way, childhood is all about dreams and the absolute belief that those dreams can and will come true.


Childhood is such a fleeting moment in all our lives. Even in our adult years it is worth holding on to the feelings we experienced as children to remind us that dreams are worth holding on to, possibility is simply a mindset and that feeling loved will always be the best feeling in the world.

What do you miss most about being a child?

To help you reminisce about your childhood days, here are just some of the funny things kids say …


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