As Oroton goes into administration, we remember our favourite things from the brand.

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When news came in that iconic Australian brand, Oroton had gone into administration we were all a bit shocked.

For many young Australian women, Oroton was the ‘big girl, grown up bag brand’, that we saved up for, and watched our mothers carry.

Some might remember the label for their eye-catching, silver O buckles, the umbrellas, or the Glomesh, because oh my God, who can forget the Glomesh, while others might have fond memories of hitting the outlets in search of the perfect bag for cheap come Boxing Day, or as the fall back present for the boyfriend… because what do you actually get guys??

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While Oroton is only going into voluntary administration for now, the company has stated that their stores will continue to operate as the appointed administrators find a potential buyer, but it’s arguably been a long time coming with sales plummeting, and the brand reporting a $14.2 million loss this year. Yikes.

Currently their website is down, and has been since early this afternoon, but we don’t know whether that’s an active move by the brand themselves, or dedicated customers buying up big.

However, in solidarity and nostalgia, we’ve come up with our favourite Oroton pieces of all time.



1. The ‘Glomesh’ bags.

Favourite pieces Oroton
The shimmery, vintage bags were way ahead of their time. Image via Oroton.

Gone but not forgotten, these reflective babies were truly ahead of they're time. While millennials at the younger end of the age spectrum may not have been privvy to the shimmery magic that was Glomesh, (which is actually a separate brand that made tops in this fabric way) these bags were what catapulted Oroton to its status back in the day.

2. The first-proper-job tote.

Favourite pieces Oroton
Image via Oroton.

Whether it was a Saffiano tote, or a very grown-up briefcase, the very professional work bag from Oroton was the ultimate sign of adulthood. The brand's still making them today and these fashion-forward staples that'll last you a long time into your career.

3. The fancy umbrella

Image via Oroton.

Nothing said fancy with a capital F than an umbrella from Oroton, they're synonymous with Aussie fashion in the sense that everyone had one. Plus they lasted so much longer than the cheapo brolly from Kmart.

4. The monogram everything

Favourite pieces Oroton
Image via Oroton.

What we'd like to think of as Australia's play in the monogram game, the beige logo was another oh-so-trendy piece that is very solidly ingrained in 2000s culture. From shoes, bags, wallets, and scarves they were everywhere, and you probably had something with the geometric pattern emblazoned on it too.

5. The fancy AF wallet

Image via Oroton.

The designer wallets that lasted an age, it was a little bit brand-y but still subtle and classy at the same time. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't had one, or really lusted over one, in fact, if it's not already in your handbag, it's probably tucked away in your drawers still in pristine condition.

6. The silk scarves

Favourite pieces Oroton
Images via Oroton.

Tied around the handle of you bag (Hermes style), around you neck, or tied around your head like a silver siren, there was something so charmingly old-school about the silk scarves.

7. The Great Collabs

Favourite pieces Oroton
Image via Oroton.

With too many to count, a special shout-out goes to the many limited edition collabs the brand did during their 79-year run. Each encapsulated their time perfectly, including a very noughties era colab to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Australian Vogue, and their current Coral Clutch collection that sees's them donating 100% of profits to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Do you have a favourite that should be added to the list? Tell us below!

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