"It's a little problematic, but I still love it." The Mamamia team on their favourite movie of all time.

Forget personality tests. Here at Mamamia, we have a sure-fire way to learn a lot about someone and it's by asking them for their favourite movie.

"What does my favourite movie say about me?" We hear you ask.

"Mine is The Wolf of Wall Street. Does that make me a 15-30-year-old wealthy white guy?"

Simple answer: yes.

Longer answer, maybe not, but you get what we're saying right? Nailing down a favourite film from the millions out there is a responsibility we take very seriously, because the way movie buffs perceive you might just come down to it. 

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Maybe you're a fan of the people here at Mamamia. Maybe you trust our judgement and are looking for your next flick. Or maybe, you saw Elf in the main image and rushed here to complain about our terrible taste.

Regardless, welcome. 

Here are our team's 20 favourite movies that will be quoted through our office for a long, long time. 

Mamma Mia!


"Mamma Mia is, quite simply a timeless ray of sunshine that is always sure to cheer me up. I semi-hate re-watching movies, but I think I could watch Mamma Mia four times in a row, and still get the same hit of joy from it. 

"ABBA + sweeping shots of Greece: what more could you ask for?" - Emma

High Fidelity

"I used to watch High Fidelity all the time as a teenager and imagined it was an accurate representation of being an adult, having relationships, and going to a job that didn't make you work too much. 

"Now I realise it's a little problematic (as all movies pre-2013 are) and unrealistic but I still love it. 

"... Also, I love Jack Black." - Emmeline.



"It's quirky and French. Enough said." - Madeline.

Ever After

"As a teenager my best friend and I would watch Ever After over and over again. We loved it so much! 

"Drew Barrymore was my favorite actress, and I loved this version of Cinderella. It’s still my favourite." - Nicolle.

Peter Pan


"My favourite film of all time is a childhood classic; Peter Pan, but specifically the 2003 live action one! 

"I’ve watched it like 50 times! 

"It captures that childhood innocence of fun and adventure, but watching it as an adult is heartbreakingly beautiful. 

"Plus the entire score is incredible, acting is brilliant, especially for kids (and Jason Isaacs), and it’s the only true adaption of the original Peter Pan book; taking actual dialogue from the novel." - Bianca

Empire Records

"I've watched Empire Records about four million times and will watch it another four million before I die for sure!


"I think it captures a moment in my youth that I just love. It's funny, controversial, has a stellar cast and introduced the world to Rex Manning Day." - Claire

The Never Ending Story

"I was very close to calling my cavoodle 'Falcor', and do feel some regret about not doing it now as she has definitely grown to look just like that magic luck guy." - Gemma.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall


"Forgetting Sarah Marshall never stops being funny. If I need a good laugh, I’ll watch it." - Nicolle.

 It's a Wonderful Life

"I love a Christmas movie for all the feels! My favourite is It's a Wonderful Life with James Stewart and Donna Reed. 

"It's an oldie (1946) but it isn't Christmas without it. I especially love the message that life doesn't always turn out how you expect but that's okay. 

"It makes me cry every year after a wine while I wrap my kids' pressies." - Laura



"I first saw Gattaca when I was studying moral philosophy and I think the questions it raises about genetic engineering, 'designer babies' and humanity are really important to this day.

"Plus the 50s minimalism aesthetic still looks amazing, and the Michael Nyman soundtrack is haunting." - Siobhan

Princess Bride

"Princess Bride will never lose its gloss with me, as it reminds me of numerous Christmas day afternoons with my sister and the weeks following of constant ‘I do not think it means what you think it means’ or other quotes." - Gemma



"Bridesmaids always comes to mind with this question. 

"I don't think I've seen any other movie where the whole cinema was laughing so hard. 

"It also made me love Melissa McCarthy more than I already did, her improv comedy skills are next level. It's always one to watch to lift your mood!" - Karen

"Bridesmaids is easily my favourite movie, and one I always go back to for a giggle. There are so many amazing characters, and is there anything better than a s**tload of funny women in the same film?" - Emma

The Talented Mr Ripley

"The 1950s fashion, the Italian scenery, the taut plot, Jude Law's tan - it's all just perfect." - Tamara

How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days


"I am certain How to lose a guy in 10 days is where my love for magazines and advertising came from." - Rikki

The Doors

"In another life, The Doors was a favourite movie of mine." - Cathy

The Mummy



"I love Rachel Weisz as a character, especially because she is smart, beautiful and not relegated to screaming from the sidelines while the men have all the fun. 

"Plus, I've always been mad about Ancient Egypt and think it's fascinating how much effort they put in to the story to tie in real places and events even though it's a fantasy. 

"The supporting cast are also really funny, especially Omid Djalili and John Hannah. It's just a really fun family film that doesn't force the women to be objects, or the 'foreigners' to all be backward stereotypes. And the graphics on the closing credits still look amazing over 20 years later." - Siobhan

The Birdcage


"I've watched the Birdcage at least twice a year since I could remember. It's now 25 years old and still holds up. 

"Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are icons, and I just love the satirical nature of it, while also touching on important conversations around masculinity, conservatism and it was one of the first films to speak true to the LBGTQ+ community. Something I didn't realise until I was older.

"I still do the dance in my lounge room like Armand in the rehearsal scene 'Fosse, Fosse, Fosse! You do Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham! Or Twyla, Twyla, Twyla! Or Michael Kidde, Michael Kidde, Michael Kidde, Michael Kidde! Or Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!'" - Renny


"Clueless is iconic and I can watch it any time and still get a laugh from it. 

"I think it's that classic coming of age thing, but also with amazing style. It's a breath of fresh air and has aged very well." - Jacqui



"Whether it's Christmas time or not. All time favourite movie, without a doubt. 

"I know that makes me a cottonheaded ninnymuggins, but I don't care." - Katie

Bad Girls

"Mine is so random, but I was allowed to watch everything as a kid. Some stuff wildly inappropriate, enter Bad Girls

"I'm dying reading the plot back on IMDB. It's a western where four prostitutes' flee their brothel and travel west in search of a better life.

"It features a super young Drew Barrymore, Andie MacDowell and Madeleine Stowe. So, so good." - Kee

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