7 genius ways to celebrate Father's Day when you can't physically be with your dad.

If you and/or your dad are some of the millions of Australians currently in lockdown, then there is a big fat chance that the aforementioned lockdown has thwarted your plans to celebrate Father's Day.

Because drumming up a homemade breakfast when you're not legally allowed in your dad's kitchen is rather tricky.

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But, because we'll be damned if a global pandemic stops us from celebrating our dads, we have found some nifty (and rather heartfelt) ways to say thanks to the OG man in your life.

So, how do you say 'Hey dad, I really love you,' when you're trapped miles away during lockdown? Here's how. 

Host a virtual pub quiz, tailored just for him.

If your dad is anything like a stereotypically competitive father, then a pub quiz will be right up his street. Why? Because scoring points from storing semi-useless trivia in his head is the ultimate validation.

So, let him know that you're planning a virtual pub quiz for Father's Day, where he gets to take on the family in a few rounds of questions. But then, on the night of the quiz, throw in a plot twist: There will be a special question round dedicated to him which features topics like 'a walk down memory lane', 'guess the baby photo' and 'finish that quote' - all with answers related to your dad and your brill family. 

Cute, right?!

Go old school with a heartfelt card.

You know what's a totally underrated activity? Writing your feelings down for your dad on paper and sending it off in the post to them.

Have a movie night together (while being apart). 

Do you and your dad love watching classic movies together? Or even trashy films? Random fact: My dad and I went through a major phase of watching every single Elvis Presley movie, and now we have weird in-jokes about Blue Hawaii and Jailhouse Rock


If you have a similar theatrical connection with your pops, then you can organise a virtual movie night! All it involves is picking a movie, arranging an evening where you can both tune in, and setting up a Zoom/Google Hangout or FaceTime (with the camera pointed towards you on the couch) so you can chuck some witty commentary back and forth while the movie is on.


For extra brownie points: organise a Coles or Woolies delivery of microwaveable 'movie theatre butter' popcorn and some cans of his favourite fizzy drink. That way it will feel like a proper cinema experience, all from the comfort of his favourite spot on the couch.

Get him on the grooming bandwagon.

Put together a collection of non-intimidating skincare goodies that can kick start or ramp up his self-care from home. Start with the basics like a cleanser and moisturiser, or if he's more of an advanced fella then sneak in a serum and face oil too!

A cute little combo could be the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream and the Facial Fuel Eye Cream, which are very gender neutral when it comes to packaging.

Image: Mamamia, Matte Skincare + Myer. 

But if you want to knock his socks off (and fill up his empty bathroom shelf) our recommendation would be: A dude-proof all-inclusive skincare set from Matte Skincare, which features a gentle face wash, moisturiser, blemish defence, clay mask and vitamin C serum. And... don't tell anyone, but this pack is 50 per cent off specifically for Father's Day, so run, don't walk. 

Host a virtual wine tasting night.

If your dad loves a glass of vino, then this could be the perfect present for Father's Day.

All you need to do is send him a nice couple of bottles, along with some wine-adjacent snacks like cheese, crackers and dips. Order the same bottles for yourself then enjoy tasting together on a FaceTime call. 


Some of our boozy suggestions would be a fun collection from Good Day People (a brill Lady Start Up) or the full line up from Hidden Sea Wines - who remove and recycle 10 plastic bottles from oceans and rivers for every bottle sold.

If you want to level-up this experience, you can wrap the wine bottles in tinfoil and write 'Wine One' or 'Drink Me First' on the bottles so your dad knows what order to sip them in. With the identity hidden, it means you can get him to guess the 'notes', the grape, the origin and the price!

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Make a video tribute he can watch again and again.

Have you ever seen one of those celebrity cameo videos? Where they provide personalised messages for a fee so that a super fan can have a video of them? Well, this is kinda like that apart from with people you actually like and who won't charge you to say nice things. is a handy video platform where you can get friends and family to submit video messages and then the software collates them all and packages it up in a lil mp4 for you. So, it might be a great way to rally up siblings and grandchildren, and have all their lovely messages in one spot for your dad. 

...To be honest, this gift is genius for any celebration that needs to happen at a distance because it makes the person receiving it feel so damn loved.  

Give him a wardrobe upgrade with some key ~farshun~ pieces he'll love.

Dads aren't often known for their sartorial choices... so why not use Father's Day as an epic excuse to kit your dad out with some great new wardrobe staples?

Image: Mamamia, The Iconic and Myer.  Splash out on a nice shirt from Rodd & Gunn that he can wear out and about after lockdown, or a cosy sweater from Country Road that he can chill in around the house. Top tip: If you're unsure on size, then always order from a department store like Myer who do sweet exchange and refund deals. 


Do an I.O.U voucher for a future adventure. 

Look, we've all been there. Panicking last minute after realising it's Father's Day... tomorrow, and you've done precisely nothing to prepare. That is when the trusty I.O.U voucher can come in seriously handy and save you.

However, this year you can give the I.O.U voucher a bit of an optimistic glow-up because you can make it for an activity you're going to do post-pandemic. 

Got a restaurant in mind you know your dad would love? Found a great BBQ cooking class that you want to treat him to? Mentally book it in and make a home-made I.O.U voucher for it on Canva or illustrate by hand it if you're feeling artsy.

Present your voucher to your dad either by email, over FaceTime or pop it in the post and give him something to look forward to - quality time with his favourite child.

Have any other great Father's Day gift ideas that work well for when you're apart? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Getty/Mamamia.

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