Father asks for extra food for his baby while out for dinner before getting a rude response.

A father was called a “beggar” by staff at his local pub after he asked for extra food for his one-year-old daughter.

David Scott asked for a bowl of mash potato and gravy for the little girl at the Rufford pub in Mansfield, England, but instead was served a mouthful of insults and told he wasn’t at the local “food bank”.

The 27-year-old sales manager was eating with three other adults at the time, all of whom ordered dinner.

David Scott. Source: Facebook

"Me, my girlfriend, mother-in-law, brother-in-law and my daughter went in and ordered our meals," he told the Daily Mail.

"After I ordered my meals I said is there any chance I could have a bowl with a bit of mashed potato for my little girl.

"He said:'No. If you want that you can pay for it'. His attitude was just lousy, I'm not going to be spoken to like that.

"I asked him his name and he wouldn't give it to me, I asked to speak to the manager and he said 'I am the manager'. It hasn't cost when I've asked before."

The family left and went to another pub with the same request and were simply charged a pound.

Later in the day, Scott complained about the incident via Facebook, this was the response he got back:

Scott was shared a screenshot on his Facebook page. Source: Facebook

"I don't want beggars in my pub," the message read.

"This is Rufford not Mansfield food bank. Find somewhere else."

Scott posted a screen shot of the conversation with a rave review about the "great customer service" he had recieved.

"All I wanted was a bowl of mash and gravy for my one year old girl."

The pub has since sent a formal letter of apology to the disgruntled dad.

Feature image: iStock/Facebook

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