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Father sentenced to 36 years' jail for sexually abusing daughter.

A mother and father have been sentenced to lengthy jail terms for the sexual abuse and torture of their daughter over a 15-year period.

The 59-year-old father was sentenced to 48 years in jail and will first be eligible for parole in 2049, with Judge Sarah Huggett indicating he will likely die behind bars.

The girl’s 51-year-old mother was given a 16-year sentence, with a minimum of 11 years, for her role in the prolonged abuse.

She was convicted of 13 offences including child rape and will first be eligible for parole in 2027.

The father was found guilty by a District Court jury of 73 offences, including repeatedly raping the girl from when she was five years old.

Many of the offences he was convicted of are far too graphic to publish, but include using a range of crudely fashioned tools to penetrate and cut his daughter.

The pair, who cannot be identified for legal reasons worked in the teaching profession and also had links to elite sport.

More to come.

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