Jason Sheats' heartbreaking speech at his daughters' funeral following murder by their mother.

The father of slain sisters Madison and Taylor Sheats has made a heartbreaking plea to those gathered at their funeral.

Jason Sheats spoke at the funeral held last Saturday in Decatur, Texas to remind friends and family of the importance of telling those close to you that you love them.

“If you have loved ones, tell them you love them every day, and give them a hug because you never know, it might be your last day,” he told the mourners WAFF-TV reported.

Source: WaffTV.

Former classmate Marsha Hill told the news station the father drew peace from the fact he had always showed his children he cared.

"He said one thing with his children he knows he has peace with, is that he loved his kids. His kids knew that he loved him, and his kids loved him. And he showed them and kissed them and loved him every day. That shows a lot,” Hill said.

“It was a sad day, but as a class, we came together for Jason and he appreciated that. And that’s what we do as a class of ELHS 1989. We support each other. When one hurts, we all hurt."


The funeral comes just a week after wife Christy mercilessly shot dead their two daughters.

Police believe Christy lured daughters, Madison, 17, and Taylor, 22, to the family home for a meeting before she opened fire in the living room.

Christy is then believed to have chased the girls out to the street where she shot her eldest two more times.

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Video via WAFF TV

Jason managed to escape uninjured but Madison died where she lay and Taylor was taken to hospital but later pronounced dead.

Officers arrived at the home to find Christy still holding the gun outside the family home. Christy was shot and killed after she refused to drop her weapon.

According to neighbour Madison Davey, the father of the girls pleaded with his wife to spare their children.

Christy was not buried with her daughters and and the location of the funeral for her is unknown. Reports are unsure if it will even take place in the same state.