Daddy blogger Father of Daughters has admitted he can't tell his identical twins apart.

A dad Instagrammer has sparked a debate after he admitted he often can’t tell his identical twin daughters apart.

Simon Hooper, 35, better known as Father of Daughters or simply FOD is an Insta phenomenon with almost one million followers.

He is, as his name suggests, the father of daughters. Four, in fact, including three-year-old identical twins Ottie and Delilah.

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In a recent post Simon said he thought he’d finally moved past referring to Ottie and Delilah as ‘the twins’, ‘this one’ or ‘that one’ but uh, he was wrong.

“Today I was straight back to square one and spent the next 15 minutes playing a real-life Guess Who – calling them the wrong names only to receive blank faces and zero responses in return,” he captioned a photo of the girls in matching ‘Sister’ tops.


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He joked that he was considering shaving one of their heads to make it easier: “Screw the curls – the need to identify my own children is more important.”


This post was met with lots of comments from parents of identical twins who admitted dealing with confusion, and from identical twins who said they were unable to tell themselves and their sibling apart in childhood photos.

The post also caused a debate on Mumsnet after one user asked if it was weird that FOD couldn’t tell Ottie and Delilah apart.

“I get that they’re identical (and they really are visibly so) but he’s their dad!” the user wrote.

“Maybe FOD’s twins are also identical in their personalities and that’s why it’s so hard, or maybe he’s just joking about it for the sake of being funny on Instagram. But I must admit I find it weird if it’s something he can’t reliably do, especially as he’s clearly a hands on dad!”

“My daughters are identical twins and they can’t tell themselves apart in photos,” one mum responded.

“I worked with a father of identical twin boys. I asked how to tell them apart. He sort of shrugged and said that sometimes one of them wore glasses, but aside from that, he couldn’t. He didn’t know which one wore glasses, just that one of them did,” another shared.

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