"A letter to my daughters about your amazing father."

To my darling daughters,

How can I explain the type of man your father is in a way that you will understand?

How can I ever get you to understand how amazing this human is?

To my daughters. Image via @themodernmumma Instagram.

Your father is your favourite colour. He is easily the first one chosen.

Your father is your “good” in good morning.

Your father is your rain coat on a rainy day.

Your father is a sprinkle on your cupcakes.

Your father is the biggest kiss at bedtime.

Your father is the light you need at night.

Your father is the smile that brightens any room.

"Your father is the smile that brightens any room." Image via @themodernmumma Instagram.

Your father is your shelter on cold days.

Your father is your sunscreen on the hottest days.

Your father is the reason you're so strong.

Your father is the tissue you wipe your tears away with.

And the reason your “owies” get better after being kissed.

Your father is a man who loves you so much.

When Modern Mumma's daughter misses her daddy. Post continues after video... (Video via @themodernmumma Instagram.)

Video via Mel Watts

He will make you mad when he wants you to stay within 10 metres at all times. He will make you cringe when he pulls out the turtle neck sweater to put over your skivvy. He will make you smile when he offers you bear hugs, though he may also embarrass you when he wants to chase you asking for these hugs.

He will make lame dad jokes such as, “I hope they didn't pay full price for those shorts (super short shorts), they got ripped off” (I’m sorry in advance.) There will be a time when you stop kissing him on the lips, stop brushing his hair, stop calling him your super hero and stop making him dress up as your fairy princess and when this time comes he will not be ready.

You will both always be his baby girls. You'll always be the newborn baby he brought home and watched sleep for hours continuously checking to make sure you're breathing. He may of also poked you on numerous occasions just in case the rising chest wasn't enough to soothe his anxious soul (sorry) but it was all done in good faith.

He is the person who rocked you for hours to sleep. He is the man who felt guilty yelling at you because you dropped the bottom lip. He is the man who will forever treat you like his princess (or fairy or pirate or zoo keeper) and he is the person that will love you no matter what you do and say to him.

You're so blessed to have a father like him. Someone I know who will do whatever he can in his power to protect you.

What message do you want to send to your own dad?

This post originally appeared on The Modern Mumma.