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The father-daughter dance that will make you weep

A bride who lost her father before her wedding received a special surprise from her brothers.

Andrea Stockton cried the moment brother Nick Middleton took the mic at the reception, explaining how they’d lost their father to pancreatic cancer earlier that year. He explained that he and his brothers, along with their grandfather, would make sure the father-daughter dance still took place in his honour.

This happened two years ago and the video has just gone viral with millions of views. Andrea herself can’t even watch it because it’s too emotional but is happy others are enjoying it.

“I don’t watch it when people show it — and his mom likes to show it a lot,” she told NBC Today. “I leave the room. As soon as I hear Nick’s voice, the waterworks begin.”

The video is called “Bride’s Special Dance”. Watch it, then call your dad.

What song did you dance to at your wedding?