Makeup artists share the tricks they'll be using all Fashion Week.

Fashion Week is upon us. Six days spent fawning over the creations of Australia’s most talented designers. But let’s not forget about the makeup magic at play here, too. In particular, the kind of organised wizardry required to make models look incredible, sometimes in around three minutes.

We spoke to MAC Cosmetics‘ dream team about the tricks they’re using this week. Yes, we’ll be applying them to our own lives immediately.

How to remove heavy duty eye makeup in five seconds flat.

“Sometimes you want a quick makeup or outfit change without taking everything off. Simply fold a cotton pad in half and lay under you eye to protect your face makeup, then with soaked cotton tips, cleanse off your mascara and liner onto the cotton pad without giving you panda eyes.” – Senior Artist M.A.C Cosmetics Nicole Thompson

Always do your lips and eyes first.

“When we’re in a serious hurry backstage – I’m talking hair, makeup and nails in 10 minutes – we have to act fast. Get the important parts of your makeup look on first when you’re in a hurry, like your lips and eyes! They take the most precision. Then once you have those on you can quickly whack on your foundation or powder in the car or on the go.” – Senior Artist M.A.C Cosmetics Nicole Thompson. (Post continues after gallery.)


Multitasking products for president.

“When we’re creating a look for a show we don’t really look at the type of product – a shadow, blush or a lipstick. To us it’s colour and texture. What this means is we have more to choose from, we just play with product and think, ‘Oh that’s a great colour, it could look good on the lips, cheeks and eyes’, so that’s where we put it.” – Senior Artist M.A.C Cosmetics Carol Mackie

Brittany shows us an easy way to wash our make up brushes. (Post continues after video.)

Contour cleverly

“Create an illusion and add a touch of light down the centre of the legs with Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle ($47) buffed on down the shin. It instantly makes the legs look longer.” – Senior Artist M.A.C Cosmetics Carol Mackie

Image: Getty. Carol Mackie in action backstage at Ginger & Smart's show.

Step one: Apply highlighter.

"Highlight skin first - swap the order of application. Over moisturised skin, apply your cream highlighter concentrating on the high points of your bone structure. Once this is done, it is amazing how much foundation you DON'T need. Just press foundation or concealer onto the uneven parts of your face then set with a light powder. You will have luminous skin." - Senior Artist M.A.C Cosmetics Nicole Thompson.

What makeup tips can you share?