According to a stylist, these are the 7 fashion trends we’ll love (and hate) in 2021.

While I’m sure we're all glad to leave 2020 behind and start the year afresh, not all trends from last year are going to die. We will see some newer styles continuing to flourish, as older trends (like ugly sneakers) return to the grave where they belong.

After a year of proclaiming "shop local", Aussies will continue to seek out sustainably made and ethically sourced items. Shoppers are more conscious of how and where they spend their money following the economic upset the pandemic brought. Importantly, they're also looking to support brands that align with their personal values and reflect inclusivity, diversity and body positivity.

Whether you love them or hate them – here’s my predicted fashion trends of 2021.

Here's one trend that we hope never returns: festival chaps. Post continues below.

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Tie dye.

This trend peaked in 2020 with more of a subtle colour palette than the original 60s kaleidoscopic theme. Faded pieces were a big hit, with womenswear the main market. 

In 2021 we will see the trend seep further into men’s and kids fashion. From hoodies to tees, shorts and sleepwear – there will be something for the whole family.


Fair Isle patterns.

Forget ugly Christmas sweater prints – fair isle patterns are a trend we will see from autumn through to winter.

The high-neck oversized knits of 2020 are being replaced by a more snug, fitted style with bold patterns. Pair it with plain jeans for a Sunday brunch or long weekend getaway.


Bike shorts.

Someone call the referee – bike shorts aren’t going anywhere in 2021. 

A 2000s trend revived largely by the likes of the Kardashian and Hadid sisters, the versatility was highlighted in 2020. Whether you wear them with oversized tees and sneakers or long coats and classic heels, it’s never been comfier to go from day to night.


2020 women’s trends for teens.

Luckily I have two boys. And while I don’t wish EVERY women’s trend would be available for teens, there are a few popping up in 2021 (especially from some family retailers like Best&Less) that are recreating the styles in an age-appropriate manner that’s still cool and affordable to keep parents reassured.

Regardless of being born in the naughties, teens will continue to dress is classic '90s style – from high waisted gingham pants and V-neck collared shirts, to ruched cropped tees and wide-leg pants.



Neon is taking a back-seat as pastels have their moment in the sun. Think lilac and soft blues across plain and patterned numbers. 

When styled the right way, pastels are a subtle statement – try pairing a few different colours for an effortless, understated look.



Whether you’re a complete beach bum or prefer more of a city look, linen is the ultimate go-to for whatever mood you’re feeling. 

Light and breezy, linen is a staple that can be worked into any outfit for style coupled with comfort. From oversized shirts to flowy trousers and blazers, linen is a classic statement that will never lose its cool (excuse the pun!).


Gender-neutral clothing.

2020 was a hectic year, but if there was one positive to come from it, it was the societal shift in rejecting gender stereotypes. With Harry Styles gracing the front cover of Vogue in a dress, the role of gender fluid clothing within the fashion industry has evolved – and we're just going to see more of it.


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