7 times Fashion Month has proved it's officially on crack.

Surely they’re just messing with us now…

Another year, another set of fashion weeks (referred to as Fashion Month when grouped) featuring a bunch of new “trends” so batsh*t crazy we’re almost convinced the fah-shun crowd have given up completely and are now are just trolling us all.

Here are 7 times Fashion Month 2015 has proved it’s officially out of touch with the real world (and most probably on crack).

 1. Hobbit feet.

Brace yourselves, guys – because if Gucci has their way, we’ll be all be taking our sartorial cues from Bilbo Baggins and co.

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Fur-covered shoes were everywhere at New York Fashion Week. But it was Gucci’s offering at Milan Fashion Week that took things to a new level. A level that only Chewbacca would be comfortable with.

Must these shoes be combed and shampooed? Will small dogs be attracted to your feet at all times? Can’t. Even. Deal.

2. Kanye’s flesh-toned body stockings.

Think of the least sexy thing you’ve ever seen and times that by 49,275. Voila – you have Kanye West’s Adidas Originals collection of figure-hugging, beige body stockings.

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But Kanye’s awful NYFW debut doesn’t deserve your sympathy – his sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner, does. The 17-year-old made her NYFW debut at the show in an outfit we can only describe as a giant stocking.

fashion month 2015
Image via YouTube.

3. Going naked.

Thought the whole point of Fashion Month was to showcase clothes? Oh you. US label MTCostello sent this poor guy down the runway in nothing but a golden blanket and some jewellery for his man-parts. At least pretend it’s about the clothes, guys!


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fashion month 2015
Image via YouTube.

4. Mangled metal.

Are Chromat’s “ensembles” made from a mangled laundry basket? Are they part helmet, part hanging flower basket hybrid?

Perhaps we will never know.

Whatever they are, there’s one thing they’ll never be – and that’s hanging in our wardrobe.

Image via Instagram.

5. Face stockings.

Hood by Air saw Kanye’s body stockings and thought, “You know what, guys? There aren’t enough stockings in the world. We’ll only rest when we have stockings covering every model’s FACE.”

And they succeeded. So, well done, I guess?

Image via Instagram.

 6. Clown face.

Why have models who look like people, when you can have models who look like CLOWNS?

That must have been Jeremy Scott’s reasoning, based on the below.

Where do we get our hands on hot pink eyeshadow?

Image via Instagram.

 7. Blackface.

Anyone who’s been alive for more than five minutes knows that anything related to blackface is not on. Everyone except designer Claudio Cutugno, that is.

He painted his models in black paint coated in glitter at Milan Fashion Week’s, apparently to make them look like they were being swarmed by bugs.

Instead, he’s been acused of racism and cultural insensitivity.

Not cool, Claudio.

What’s your favourite crazy look from Fashion Month 2015?

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