What the Mamamia team is wearing this week.

What we wear at our workplace.

Here in the Mamamia office, we don’t exactly have a dress code. Except for our Founder and Content Director, Mia Freedman, whose code has been described as, “Would a four year old wear this?”

Mia Freedman is often told she rocks pre-school chic.

This week, she didn’t let us down. Mia rocked kiddie-chic in relaxed pair of overalls, with some very grown-up shoes.

Because, let’s face it. It’s all about the shoes.

Check out this week’s Fashion Find: 

And if you too want to wear overalls, sparkles and studs to the office, we have the details of where you can buy our clothes:

Mia’s sparkly slippers are called the FiFi Flat, and are available from South of the Border Sydney for a cool $169.

You can find similar to Carla’s boho biker boots at The Iconic.

Rosie rocks some super slick Senso heels. You can pick them up for $275. Very stylish and most importantly: Chunky heel= Extra comfort.

What’s your office style?

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