BEHOLD: This bride just wore the biggest wedding dress a major designer has ever created.

Sometimes, a wedding can be summed up in just one word. Fun. Beautiful. Romantic.

But none of those words seem appropriate to describe the wedding between former investment banker and fashion blogger Feiping Chang and financier Lincoln Li Li.

Only one word seems entirely fitting and it’s this: extravagant.

The three-day celebration took place on the island of Capri in Italy last month, and Feiping has just revealed all the eye-watering details of the nuptials that cost millions of dollars according to Hong Kong Tatler.

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For one, the couple was the first to marry at the historic Villa Lysis. The Italian government allowed Feiping and Lincoln to wed there under one condition: they must first refurbish the monument.

The pair even built a bridge to link the grounds of the villa to the rooftop, where they exchanged vows overlooking Capri, and had the names of streets and restaurant signs changed to their own to surprise their guests.


The celebration took place over three days, with Feiping and Lincoln treating their 150 guests to a variety of activities over the weekend.

“We wanted to have a very different vibe on each day,” she said.

“The welcome dinner was at Da Paolino, a legendary restaurant in Capri that’s covered in lemon trees. The second day we took everybody out to Nerano to my favourite beach club.

The third day was the wedding, and guests were surprised to find that everything (and we mean everything) was covered in flowers.

“The trees there grow very high, so it was quite difficult hanging things and covering the trees in flowers,” Feiping said.


The couple even had a dedicated “dessert room” at their reception – which Feiping describes as “really decadent, overflowing” – and a chef spent 45 minutes making their wedding cake on the spot.

“It was a millefoglie, a huge, traditional Italian wedding cake with layers of fresh cream and strawberries that the chef actually made on the spot,” Feiping said.

The most amazing wedding cake made live infront of an audience #feiandlincoln

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“He was standing in the corner at the dinner just making this cake for 45 minutes, this big, beautiful fresh cake with wild strawberries.”

Each guest – and remember, there were 150 of them – was also given a custom-embroidered bag filled with goodies.

Most importantly of all, was the fashion blogger’s dress: it was custom-made by designer Giambattista Valli and was the biggest dress they had ever created.


She also changed into a separate dress – by the same designer – for her reception.