Farmer Lachie's ex Clare says he needs to change if he really "wants a wife".

Lachlan McAleer, farmer and frequent wife-wanter, is unlikely to fulfill his this goal, his former “wife” says.

Clare Tamas was the woman chosen to “marry” McAleer, 37, in a faux ceremony for the show Married at First Sight. It did not end well.

She’s unsurprised things have also ended between McAleer and his second reality TV girlfriend Belinda Reid, from Farmer Wants a Wife.

McAleer wants a woman so badly he’s subjected himself to two reality shows, but Tamas doesn’t think he’ll get a different result with other women if he doesn’t change his behaviour.

clare and lachlan mafs
This picture really sums up Clare and Lachlan’s relationship. Image via Channel Nine.

We asked her why she thinks Lachlan cannot sustain a relationship, and surprisingly, she doesn’t think it’s because he’s conducting them in front of TV cameras.

“Even if Belinda had lived in Sydney, I would suspect a similar outcome,” she told Mamamia.

“It is a pattern, short term fling after short term fling, and it has been the way for a very long time for him.”

Watch Belinda talking about Lachlan on Farmer Wants a Wife… Post continues after video.

Tamas also doesn’t think he deserves the “unlucky in love” tag.


“Belinda seemed worth the effort, she saw the best in him, what a lucky man! People say he is ‘unlucky in love’ but he has been very lucky when you look at the bevy of beautiful women inside and out that that he has had right in front of him. That alone makes anyone wonder if he is genuine about finding love,” she said.

His farm work gets in the way a lot of the time, said Tamas, but old Farmer Lachie has bigger issues.

“It’s a hard lifestyle. But then there are other issues at play once you get past these ones with Lachlan – the defensiveness, the walking on eggshells. Even if Lachlan was genuine in his own belief of wanting a relationship – in my opinion he just doesn’t know what to do with one once he has it, and seems to have a history of destroying anything good that comes his way.”

lachlan and dog
Lachlan with his one true love, Snoop. Image via Instagram.

Tamas thinks McAleer turns on the charm for potential lovers, but after they become a bit familiar he changes.

“He is charming for a while but then he becomes a bit mean – defensive, arrogant, rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate. I always found him to be lacking in affection or emotion unless it was on camera. A night out on the porch with a VB stubby and a pat on the knee doesn’t do it for me anyway. Haha!” she said.

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