It's the Married at First Sight/Farmer Wants a Wife love triangle that is freaky TV gold.

Reality tv is bonkers enough without cross-over love triangles.

Handsome sheep farmer, Scott Mitchell, was being inundated with love letters, phone calls and Facebook friend requests after he was publicly ‘dropped’ from the latest series of Farmer Wants a Wife before it had even gone on air.

Scott, 36, was featured in a promo video for the upcoming season, but was replaced by Lachlan McAleer and no longer features in the chosen six contestants that will be the focus of the show.

In a unique love-triangle scenario, one of the many women to contact Mitchell is Clare Tamas, whose ‘ex-husband’ Lachlan McAleer (from Married at First Sight), was the very man to take Mitchell’s spot on the popular dating show.


Both Tamas and McAleer appeared on hit-show Married at First Sight where viewers watched their dysfunctional marriage unfold on national television before they decided to call it quits shortly after the program finished airing.

However, dropped Farmer Wants a Wife contestant Mitchell is no longer in the midst of a love drought, with hundreds of women throwing themselves at him since his public dismissal.

Tamas claims that she isn’t romantically interested in Mitchell but instead was reaching out because she was “really disappointed for him that he’s not on the show.” Sure. Right. We’ve all used that excuse.

“He was more deserving for his spot on the show,” she said.

Mitchell claims that he had no idea who the brunette beauty was until his friends explained to him that she was from the TV show that featured the farmer who ended up stealing his spot on the upcoming reality TV program.

“She (Tamas) wrote me two messages, she sent me her phone number and she said if I wanted to chat I could, so we chatted for about two hours,’’ he said. Two messages! Go Clare.

“I found it funny that Lachlan was the one that got on the show and his ex-wife is contacting me.

“I never even watched a second of the show, so I didn’t even know this bloke was on there.”

Mitchell is from a small town of around 1000 people but is determined he will find his true love some day soon.

“There’s definitely someone out there for me, I’m just going to have to find them the old fashioned way.”

Any farmer-loving women out there? We’ve got the guy for you.

Click through the gallery below to find out about the final six Farmer Wants A Wife contestants. 

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