EXCLUSIVE: 'He never reached out.' Exactly what happened after Lorelei fainted on Farmer Wants A Wife.

Lorelei Bates had her heart broken on TV this week. 

The 26-year-old from Queensland was rejected by Farmer David on Sunday night. A rejection that actually caused her to faint.

Speaking to Mamamia, Lorelei said the last few days have been "full of tears."

“He broke the news that it wasn't me and I fainted. At that moment, I don't even remember collapsing. I don't remember anything I said after that – and from that moment we were pulled apart. I have had no contact with David,” she said.

“I really wish that he had reached out just to even check in to make sure that I was okay. I just thought he was kind of the guy to do that.”

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Video via Channel 7.

In the five-month lead-up to the episode airing, Lorelei said she has felt an overwhelming sense of anxiety around how the episode would be received. 

“I kind of just took a step back from everything, I didn’t want to talk to anybody, I was very heartbroken. I met my brother and spent time with him and his friends, [because] they didn’t know what had happened.”

Unfortunately for Lorelei, there had been very little closure following the ceremony. She was basically taken to the car after fainting only to be driven away, never to see or hear from David again. 

“I see it from his point of view, reaching out to the person that could have been the one, in front of her [Emily]. Like, how would that make her feel as well?” 

Lorelei admits it's been an incredibly tough time for her.


“I really should be over this, but the last few days have just been full of tears.” 

Not having seen the footage prior to airing, Lorelei, watched along with the rest of Australia as it all unfolded.

“I thought maybe the producers, out of the goodness of their hearts, wouldn't show it because I walked away with a broken heart. Like, guys, come on, give me something. But I understand it's good TV – of course they're gonna show it, just at my expense.” 

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“A lot of fans have been reaching out to my messenger because I still don't have access to my Instagram. It's been so lovely. They're like, 'we feel for you' and everything like that, but then you see comments here and there saying, 'oh you totally faked it'."

And of course, there's been a barrage of comments about how she looks, what she's wearing, what she shouldn't be wearing. 

“What people don't understand is that we don't actually get a choice of what we are wearing [on the show], they kind of forget that there's a human being at the end of this.”

Lorelei had some advice for anyone thinking of signing up for the next season. 

“Stay true to yourself and your personality. I think it's very easy to get caught up in thinking that it's a competition when it's not – it's someone's heart they're putting out there for you to love.”

She says the producers were fair to her in the cutting room and she had a pretty good edit, with the show capturing her personality well. She only wished more of the intimate moments she shared with David made it to the final cut.

“I felt so lucky because the girls that were there were there for the right reasons. We all snuck off with David one night and had drinks in one of his favourite spots. We made such great memories,” she said.

Image: Instagram @louiie_b

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