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Eight new farmers looking for love. Here's everything we know so far about Farmer Wants A Wife 2025.

The popular reality dating show Farmer Wants A Wife is gearing up for its 2025 season, promising a fresh batch of farmers ready to find love.

While the show appears wholesome, last season packed in its fair share of drama. Despite this, Farmer Wants A Wife remains Australia's most successful dating show, boasting 10 married couples, seven long-term relationships, and a total of 27 children.

We'll have to wait and see how the 2025 season plays out, but in the meantime, here's what we know so far about the upcoming season.

Who are the farmers on Farmer Wants A Wife 2025?

Eight new farmers have been selected for the 2025 season of Farmer Wants A Wife Australia, however, only six will make it to the small screen.


Here's what we know about each of them.

Farmer Corey, 24.

A fourth-generation farmer from Biloela, Queensland. Corey stands tall at 6'2" and works on a farm producing beans, hay, cotton, and wheat. He's described as hardworking and fun-loving, enjoying beach driving and camping in his free time. Corey is looking for a down-to-earth partner who values family and honesty.

Farmer Jack L, 26.

A dairy farmer from Railton, Tasmania. Jack is creative with a passion for woodworking and restoring vintage cars. He's seeking a partner with "girl-next-door vibes" who is calm and family-oriented.

Farmer Reidy, 26.

A banana and avocado farmer from Mareeba, Queensland. Reidy is outgoing, energetic, and well-traveled, having visited 29 countries. He's looking for a supportive, strong, and kind-hearted woman to share his life and business dreams.

Farmer Thomas, 35.

A wheat, barley, and lentil farmer from Kimba, South Australia. Thomas is described as honest, generous, and tech-savvy. He's also a community firefighter and former AFL player.

Farmer Tom, 31.

A sheep farmer from Borambola, New South Wales. Tom is tall, light-hearted, and enjoys being his own boss. He's looking for a partner who shares his love for animals and positive outlook on life.

Farmer Chooka, 25.

From Goornong, Victoria, Chooka is known for his mischievous charm and deep family values.


Farmer Jack, 26.

A cattle farmer and rodeo rider from Oberon, New South Wales. Jack is described as genuine and easy-going, with a background in the army.

Farmer Jarrad, 21.

The youngest of the group, Jarrad is from Stanthorpe and is described as a "goofy creative" looking for someone to inspire his country love songs

When is the release date for Farmer Wants A Wife 2025?

While the exact release date for Farmer Wants A Wife 2025 has not been announced just yet, the show is already in its early stages of preparation. 

With farmers selected and applications for partners open, it's likely that filming will take place in the latter part of 2024, with the show potentially airing in early to mid-2025.

Who will be hosting Farmer Wants A Wife 2025?

It's still too early to confirm who will host the next season of Farmer Wants A Wife, but rumours suggest Samantha Armytage has signed a lucrative two-year deal with Channel 7 to lead the reality show. 

Armytage initially appeared as a special guest in 2022 and then took over as host last year, replacing Natalie Gruzlewski, who continued to make occasional appearances. 


According to a source who spoke with Daily Mail Australia, this new role allows Armytage to move on from her previous Sunrise contract.

"They had been using her on Farmer to burn her old Sunrise contract but with Sam and the network being happy with the role in Farmer Wants a Wife this is a renegotiation some said would never come," the source told the outlet.

"With the show flying high it was a great time to renegotiate and Samantha is looking forward to getting back out into regional Australia and making new love stories."

How can you apply to appear on Farmer Wants A Wife 2025?

If you're interested in joining the show, applications are now open for potential partners. 

Prospective contestants can apply via the official casting website, MyCastingNet

Single individuals looking to start their own love story with one of the farmers are encouraged to visit the site to learn more about the farmers and submit their applications.

Feature Image: Channel 7.

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