A cancelled wedding and shock split: Everything that's gone down since Farmer Wants A Wife ended.

It's been two months since Farmer Wants a Wife sent its final couples off into the sunset.

But already, Channel 7 has announced its next batch of Aussie farmers looking for love in 2025. Eight men have been selected, ranging in ages from 21 to 35, hoping to find their special one. 

Considering this show's track record of creating nine marriages, seven lasting relationships and 21 kids — they're in good company. 

The 2024 season ended with four relationships still going strong, as Teegan and Farmer Dean announced during the reunion that they had split after the finale. 

"Being so far away from my support network [and] I guess not having Dean there was quite hard on myself, [and it] made our romantic relationship kind of fall apart a little bit," Teegan said at the reunion. 

"[I had] some really, really fun times with Dean on the farm. I don't regret anything anything about it."

But they weren't the only couple to call it quits following the finale. Let's catch up on what's happened since the reunion for the 2024 couples. Plus, we check in on one 2023 couple with an important update.  

Three couples are still together since the reunion.

While five couples emerged from the finale, only three have stayed together. Beginning with Farmer Dustin, he's still going strong with his chosen gal, Sophie.

"As soon as I saw you, I thought, 'you're absolutely gorgeous'," Dustin said in the finale.


"One thing you've taught me is to open up and be vulnerable. It's definitely made me into a better person." 

Farmer Dustin and Sophie are still together, and all loved up! Image: Instagram/@dustinmanwarin

Farmer Todd found his match in Daisy with the twosome still together and posting wholesome content on Instagram.

"Finding love is a big risk," he told Daisy. "I'm willing to take the risk with you, Daisy. I can finally give you the reassurance that I am definitely falling in love with you."


And finally, Farmer Joe and Sarah are happily still dating. "I love the person you are. I love how strong and determined you are," he said when he chose her. "I want to tackle the future with you by my side, and us as a team. I’m looking for someone who doesn’t need me, but who wants me."

Sarah and Farmer Tom announce their split... and it sounds messy.

In sad news, Farmer Tom and Sarah have since parted ways. Sarah curiously announced the news, alongside photos of herself and the other girls and crew on Tom's farm, but chose to exclude any photos of the couple.

"I applied to FWAW with the sole intention of falling in love with Tom and I certainly surprised myself with how deeply I felt for him in a short amount of time. 

"Unfortunately, that lifelong love that I was seeking with Tom did not turn out the way that I had hoped it would, but it's definitely a relief now to put that truth out there that Tom and I are no longer together," she wrote. 

Sarah's breakup post didn't include any solo photos of Farmer Tom. Image: Instagram/@sarahcranley13.


She then hinted the split was not totally amicable. "Relationships don't always work and people are not always who you think they are. I can hold the knowledge that I gave my all to the experience and our relationship during, and since, the show, and I am really proud of that," she said. 

"I believe that no love is ever wasted, and I'm so glad that I can still give that love to the beautiful family and friends in my life who supported me so much all the way through, plus a few more friends thanks to this experience! I feel so lucky to have met a bunch of women who were brave and beautiful, inside and out."

Rather curiously, Tom chose not to release a statement regarding his split from Sarah. 


Andrew and Claire from the 2023 season have called off their wedding.

From one split to a cancelled wedding, the 2023 success story Farmer Andrew and Claire has mysteriously announced that their planned nuptials have been put to rest. 

"Andrew and I have had to cancel our wedding due to reasons out of our control, but we are both okay," Claire wrote on Instagram, adding that she's headed to Darwin for work despite Andrew living in NSW. Welp. 

Image: Instagram/@clairelsaunders. 


"I’m not sure what else to say other than, sometimes life is hard and we all just need a little breathing space," she wrote, before adding an ominous "There will be no farming content from me for the foreseeable future."

Andrew did not address his cancelled wedding on his own Instagram.

Andrew and Claire announced on Instagram they had gotten engaged on March 17, 2024, four months after celebrating their first anniversary. But Claire has since deleted the announcement post from her Instagram page. Yikes. 

A planned queer couple were cut from 2024 season.

Since FWAW first premiered, viewers have called out its startling lack of diversity — with a traditionally all-white, all-men, all-cis cast each season. And it turns out that efforts to remedy this were shelved on the 2024 season, with Yahoo Lifestyle reporting that plans for a same-sex pairing were dropped due to a "lack of interest from the queer community during the application process," an insider claimed. 

"Those plans have been dropped due to a lack of suitable applicants from both same-sex attracted farmers and potential love interests," the insider stated. 

"It’s not for lack of trying… While there were a handful of options, in the end, the farmers picked were more suitable based on their personalities this time around. We wouldn't want it to feel like stunt casting." 

Feature image: Seven/Instagram/@daisy_lamb_.

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