Explainer: What are fanny flutters and how can we get some pls?

Yes, well.

The time has come.

We need to discuss a very important issue… fanny flutters.

You see, Sophie Monk’s tribe of beautiful/dense people, who all happen to live in a sex villa called Love Island, have just given us a new word.

On the island the beautiful people have been tasked with deciding whether their type is blonde or brunette and then doin’ the banter with their type.

During the “bants” some of the girls have been experiencing a unique phenomenon called “fanny flutters”.

Yep, fanny flutters.

In the immortal words of one of the bikini-clad islanders, fanny flutters are… like “butterflies in ya fanny”.

In more technical, very scientific terms they be the tingly feeling you get in your fanny when you do the “bants” with an attractive shirtless man in a sex villa.

Or like, when you see an attractive fella at the supermarket.

To sum up, you can get them doing some banter. You can get them while riding an inflatable flamingo. Matter of fact, I’ve got some now.

Anywho, here are some of the funniest tweets about the flutters of the fanny: