A family has been reunited with a lost teddy bear that symbolised their stillborn son.

A young family who lost a treasured bear that represented their stillborn son have been reunited with their fluffy friend.

Tanya Jeney, her husband Brett and their three children were travelling by bus in Sydney late last month for their annual Christmas photo together as a family.

Along for the ride was a cherished little bear, known affectionately as “Ollie Bear”, who has served as a representation of their second child, a stillborn son, since they lost him.

"If you have found him, we would be really grateful to have him back." Image via Facebook.

Writing on Facebook at the time, Tanya explained the family were desperate to be reunited with the bear that meant so much to them all.

"Please help. We have this little bear in place of our 2nd son who was stillborn. The bear only makes it off the shelf once a year for our annual Santa photo which we had today," she wrote.

"We caught the 413 bus from the city and got off on Parramatta road near Leichhardt but little bear remained on the bus, on the back seat. If you have found him, we would be really grateful to have him back. He has a David Jones tag under his bum. I'll call the bus depot in the morning because they are closed now," she wrote.

Her initial post was shared more than 1500 times, with friends of the family desperate to bring the little bear back to its family.

Ollie Bear has come home. (Image: Facebook)

After contacting Sydney Bus Company, Tanya wrote they believed Ollie bear had been picked up by a woman who had got on the bus after them.

"I have just spoken to a really lovely man from Sydney Bus Company," Tanya announced on Facebook on Tuesday.

"He has reviewed the CCTV footage of us getting on the 413 bus on Wednesday last week with our bear and then getting off the bus without it. The footage then shows a lady in her 30's getting on at Summer Hill, sitting in the seat that the bear was left on, fiddling with something (the CCTV footage doesn't show enough detail to see what her hands are doing) and she then gets off with her bag at Campsie. We can't be sure, but the assumption is that the lady put our bear in her bag and has taken him home and that's why he hasn't shown up in lost property," she wrote.


However, Tanya added that Brendon from Sydney Buses offered to put up a sign at the bus top where the lady got off to communicate how much Ollie Bear was missed.

In a beautiful turn of events, nearly a week after they lost the bear, the Jeney family received news that bear was safe and well and it hadn't been taken by someone on the bus after all.

"The fabulous, awesome, kind, super Brendan from Sydney Buses was at his home and decided to head back in to the bus depot in his own time at 10pm this evening to see if there was anything more that he could do to help us," Tanya wrote.

"It turns out that the lady in the CCTV footage did not take our bear (sorry for thinking bad thoughts about you Miss 30 something) and the bus driver found the bear at the end of his shift, it maybe got passed along to another member of staff or something and then ended up in someone's office to keep him from getting lost but because of the way their shifts work, he wasn't found until now."

Tanya wrote that she was flawed by the response of the public, and in particular the kindness of Brendon, who all worked as one to bring little Ollie Bear home.