The brilliant present trend that makes buying Christmas gifts a million times easier.

Christmas is just round the corner, which means the time you’ve got to find and buy a hundred and one presents (or so it feels like) for everyone you’ve ever met (close enough) is rapidly running out.

But there’s no need to break into an anxious sweat and buy up half of your local shopping centre’s scented candles and matching hand cream gift sets – yet.

There’s a brilliant present trend that’s growing in popularity – and it makes buying Christmas gifts a million times easier.

Even better, it works for any budget and guarantees you’ll actually get a present you won’t want to re-gift.

All hail the mighty Christmas miracle that is Kris Kringle.

While it’s long been a staple tradition in the office, a growing number of families are choosing to do it at home.

Instead of each person having to buy an individual gift for everyone else attending, people are allocated just one person to find a present for after names are drawn out of a hat or divvied out.

This year, my extended family will be one of them – and I couldn’t be more excited. Not convinced? Here are seven great reasons to embrace it as your new favourite family tradition.

1. It’s budget friendly.

Not only are you not forking out for multiple presents which can quickly add up, you can also choose a value to stick to that everyone can afford. This can range from $15 to $50.(Post continues after gallery.)

 2. It’s more thoughtful.

Now that you’re no longer buying 15 presents, you can channel all your effort into one. A great option to bring the cost down even more is to make the rule of handmade gifts. A present that’s thoughtful and doesn’t break the bank? A guaranteed Christmas crowd-pleaser.


3. It’s less stressful.

If you’ve got a big family with countless second cousins and aunts and uncles, it makes Christmas a whole lot easier.

It’s means less presents to buy, less time spent battling the pre-Christmas shopping crowds, and less worrying about whether the recipient will like their gift or not.

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4. You actually get a gift you'll like.

Your Kris Kingle's time is spent purely devoted to finding a gift tailored to your likes and interests. They have no excuse.

5. You can ask if you're struggling.

... But if you are stuck choosing a gift, you can just ask. Less stress for you, a guaranteed gift they'll actually want for them.

6. You can have fun with it.

Kris Kingle also gives you the chance to have a bit of fun with presents.

"Our family has a rule where everyone buys the most outrageous novelty present they can think of and then we draw them out of a hat and barter them," says one Mamamia staffer.

"There's always one really weird present that everyone tries to palm off. It's really fun and takes the pressure off money."


7. There's an app for it.

It gets even easier.

Don't want to get into the politics of who gets who or don't have the time?

Elfster not only automatically draws names out of a hat, but also lets you make a wish lift of things you want and share with friends and family in the draw. Clever.

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