Would you go ahead with your baby name if everyone hated it?

Deciding on a name for your baby can be tricky business. But for one expectant mum-to-be, the process has just become a whole lot harder.

The Reddit user who goes by the name ‘umumgowa’ explains that, along with her partner, she has chosen a name for her unborn daughter.

They plan to call her Matilda.

Lovely. Beautiful. Perfect. Most of us would say.

Except the pair who live in southern America say they have gotten a lot of negative feedback about their choice, particularly because where they are from, the name is so uncommon.

"Lovely. Beautiful. Perfect. Most of us would say." Image via iStock.

umumgowa wrote, "My husband and I really love the name Matilda but we are in the south and its extremely uncommon and we have got almost nothing but rude responses when saying it."

The woman continued to ask for advice, posing the questions, "I'm not worried for our sake but if adults are so openly rude about it are kids here going to make fun of her for it? Has anyone had similar responses but went on to use your name? Did it turn out favourable or as expected?"

"I'm not worried for our sake but if adults are so openly rude about it are kids here going to make fun of her for it?" Image via iStock.

umumgowa's concerns led other mums to share similar stories.

corktownyo wrote, "Literally a week before I was induced, my mother in law texted me and said, "There's still time to change his name to Max!" I texted her and said, "I'm sorry you don't care for the name Gage, luckily you got to name four kids of your own!" In summary: f*ck what people think, she's your baby! I don't care if people like the name we chose or not because we do."

SrslyYouToo added, "People made fun of all three of the names I chose for my boys. I still used them, because they are my damn kids and I will name them whatever the hell I want!"

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zmegs said, "Before we found out the sex, our boy name was Rory and our girl name was Emilia. Everyone HATED the name Rory. I was so disappointed. I think one person I told actually liked the name. We ended up having a girl. Luckily everyone liked that name. But I still think if I have a boy one day I might keep Rory. Screw everyone else, it's my kid!"

It seems like the general consensus is clear.

Name your kid. Whatever. You. Like.

Did anyone say they hated the name you chose for your child?

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