The best moments from the Bachelor and Bachelorette Family Feud special.

You could say I was embarrassingly excited for Monday night’s Bachelor vs. Bachelorette All Star Family Feud.

You could say that, because it would be entirely true.


For those who missed it (or for those who just want to re-live a match made in Channel Ten heaven), here are the best moments of the episode — of which there were, obviously, many.

1. The moment OSHER was invited but also somewhat overdressed.

It’s only fitting that the long-time host of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette was invited to be a part of such a monumental television extravaganza — but he seemed really, really honoured.


He also had a suit on, despite the fact everyone else was dressed very casually. He even had a pocket square. Osher. We love you.

2. The way Georgia introduced Keira.

When Georgia — team captain of the Bachelorettes, obviously — was asked to introduce her team, she described Alex Nation as "the woman who won Richie's heart," which made the introduction of her next team member very awkward.

But she just embraced it, describing Keira Maguire as the woman "who didn't" win Richie's heart. Well played.

3. When Georgia had to name something old-fashioned romantics do.

And there was only one thing she could say, (in a sufficiently condescending tone): poetry.

*Shudders* Image via Channel 10.

Of course, she was correct.

It's just a shame being an old-fashioned romantic doesn't prevent someone from fake-breaking their arm and telling you that some of the men vying for your affection don't actually like you.


4. When Keira said she knew Richie would choose Alex all along.

Host Grant Denyer asked Keira whether she knew Alex was going to win, and she said she actually did.

She recalled seeing the way Richie looked at Alex on the very first night, and saying to Alex, "Did you see the way he looked at you?!"

Awww. That's, like, the sweetest thing Keira's ever said.

Listen: Keira Maguire makes an appearance on Mia Freedman's No Filter podcast. (Post continues after audio.)

5. The moment Grant asked Richie, "you know what's cool?" and Richie DIDN'T say bananas.

Grant almost went there, saying it was cool Richie had found love on television, but we all noticed it was a tragic missed opportunity for the man who spent months saying only "cool bananas" on our screens.

6. When the question was "what do friends share?" and Heather gave the world's most honest answer.

"Boyfriends," she said. "Friends share boyfriends." Well, in her case, yes, yes they do.

Image via Channel 10.

7. When I realised I have no idea how the scoring works.

It makes no sense. There's a lot of screaming. And pointing. And the boys got lots of points and the girls got none and I was torn between thinking it was sexist and going like this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

8. When Keira jumped the gun and somehow got the question right.

The Bachelorettes were in trouble, so when Grant began to say "name a body part..." Keira went straight for the buzzer. Flustered, she said "foot."

The question was "name a body part that tells you it's getting cold outside." FEET WERE ON THE BOARD. Everyone was shocked, but none more so than Keira.

9. When Dave muttered, "I'm not the best at this game" and it was the truest thing anyone had ever said.

Dave the plumber might have been the worst person I've ever seen on Family Feud.

When Davey answered "hands" in response to the question about parts of your body that feel the cold, Dave said "fingers." It's just... it's already been...just no, Dave.

10. When Osher went X-rated.

Still on the topic of body parts that tell you when it's cold, Osher just HAD to go there. "Your manhood," he said, and NO, manhood was NOT on the board.

11. When Keira said you drive with your eyes.

Just a hint, if you're on Family Feud and the question is "what's something you do with your eyes?", "drive" isn't an acceptable response. Ever.


12. When Alex pressed Richie's buzzer and we didn't blame her.

The women were losing. By A LOT. It was time to pull out all the stops, even if it meant downright cheating.

When Grant asked, "Name a..." Alex went straight for Richie's buzzer. Unsurprisingly, no, he didn't provide an answer on the board.

13. When Richie was unexpectedly the best by far.

Apart from the moment Alex pressed his buzzer, I actually don't think Richie got one answer wrong. This game was made for him.

"I've found my calling." Image via Channel 10.

14. When Osher gave the best piece of advice for being good at this show.

Grant asked Osher what his daughter said about him going on Family Feud.

"Don't try to be too smart," was her advice. Touché.

15. When Osher gave the most BIZARRE answer in Family Feud history.

The question was "where do people store money," and a popular answer was what Osher needed. "The fridge," he said.

Grant asked whether he meant on top of the fridge, but Osher insisted, "no, no - on the fridge."


16. When Osher won.

Have you ever seen a happier human being?

17. When the show was dedicated to Belinda Love.

While the show was fun, Georgia's mention of her mum when referencing her charity made us all reflect on the tragedy the Love family has experienced in the weeks since Family Feud was filmed.

Dedicating the show to Belinda Love was a respectful way to honour her memory.